Sunday, March 09, 2014

honeymoon with the mouse

Someone asked me about honeymoons in Disney, so I thought this would be a good blog subject...

So, you are wondering where to honeymoon, and Disney is coming to mind... or maybe looking to make a couples retreat for an anniversary... why would you do that? What on earth would such a kids place have to offer you?

Tons. In fact, here are some reasons why you should go to Walt Disney World on your honeymoon...

First... Dreading getting lots of china you'll never see after you box it up, much less eat off of? You can create a Disney Honeymoon Registry and ask people to give there instead to help you along your journey to the Magic.

If you want the full experience, you can obviously get married there... its a bit steep, but you can have a wedding at The Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion... or United Kingdom Gardens in Epcot... perhaps the bridge area between The Boardwalk and The Swan & Dolphin Hotels.

You create the honeymoon experience you and significant other want. If you are thrill seekers, you can hit the parks all day every day, having a blast riding rides together, like Everest or Space Mountain or Toy Story Mania, or perhaps get chosen at the Indiana Jones Stunt spectacular as extras (like The Lovely Steph Leann and I did on our honeymoon!) and you're guaranteed to have someone to hold onto on the Hollywood Tower of Terror...

...or, if you are both more laid back, then stroll through World Showcase, hand in hand. Go in the spring and enjoy the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot; go in the fall, and have fun eating around the world at the Food & Wine Festival. Christmastime is always beautiful at Disney parks, or go in the late winter, or late summer, when crowds aren't so thick--and in the late summer, take in a water park together. 

One of you a thrill seeker and the other a little laid back? Then, its time to start compromising! A valuable marriage lesson... ha!

Next, there are so, so many things to do together as couples, some fun, some fun and romantic. Take a segueway tour together through Fort Wilderness... maybe go backstage at Animal Kingdom and walk above a crocodile pool on the Wild Africa Trek... take any number of walking tours together... get a couples massage at The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa...

Finally, make sure EVERYONE knows its your honeymoon... when you book (or better yet, when you have me book) your Disney package, have it noted on your account that it's your honeymoon. Get Mickey & Minnie ears to wear, or buttons declaring "Bride" and "Groom", so everyone will see. No guarantees, but because Disney LOVES Honeymooners, sometimes you'll get room upgrades, sometimes perks like free desserts, sometimes special seating for events... there is nothing better than great seating for Disney's Wishes Fireworks spectacular while having an arm around the one you're starting that day to spend the rest of your life with.

Worried about cost? Yes, actually getting married at Disney can be a bit pricey (though I would venture to guess it's about as much as a fairly nice wedding here), the honeymoon can really fit any budget. I would say be ready to splurge a bit, but it doesn't have to break you!

I will say, though, I highly, highly recommend staying on-site... you can stay in a surrounding hotel and save some money, but the money you save might not make up for the parking fees you'd have to pay, the loss of having a dining plan at your disposal, the chance to use Disney FastPass+, the package delivery of things you buy in the park, and the overall convenience and magic of just being immersed in the World.

I've been there... I remember how exhausting our wedding was. It was a blast, sharing that moment with friends and family, but leading up to it, and the day of, we were both just wiped out. The stress, the planning, the event itself, the lack of eating at the reception (I got none of my groom's cake, which I heard was amazing)... when you finally get away, it's wonderful. No one to call you, no one to call, no one to bother you, just the two of you together, far away... and there's no better place to escape the world than to be in The World of Walt Disney. It's one the Top 10 Honeymoon destinations on Earth for a good reason...

And yes, I've planned honeymoons before, and can help you there.  And all of the above goes just as well--if not better--for anniversaries too!

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