Wednesday, February 12, 2014

speaking of ke$ha

Since we're on the subject of Ke$ha, I have two thoughts...
First... I listened to her hit "Tik Tok" this afternoon on my iPhone. I mean... its just ridiculous. And not in a great "Fergie's Fergalicious is ridiculous but so, so awesome and so, so fantastic", its more of a "Ke$ha's Tik Tok is just ridiculous." One would get the sense she can't sing, because she stumbles through the song like a goofy Puff Daddy used to do... the way, Kirk Franklin is the Christian/Gospel version of Puff Daddy P Diddy Diddy Puffy Combs... when your nickname has nicknames, its a bit much. They both just talk through their songs while people with more talented voices sing behind them. Just worth a mention.

Where was I?

Yes, Ke$ha... she even mentions P. Diddy in this song, all about waking up and going straight to the party scene. Its just a... so... gah... just gah. Then, she namedrops Mick Jaggar and actually makes a reference to "gettin' crunk", of which she is way too white to be serious in the concept of Crunk. Even Lil Jon would say, "WHAT!?!"

She even has a song called "We R Who We R", which, for anyone that knows me, the use of "R" for "Are" is an almost executable offense. Hate it. Hate it hate it hate it.

But then...

Second... Have you heard her collaboration with rapper Pit Bull? It it Pit Bull or Pitbull? Oh, you know Pitbull, he is the dude from the Dr. Pepper commercial that asked us to "Let's have a real good time... a real good time... let's have a real good time... a real good time..." last year, about 50 times during every single sporting event on television.

Anyway, I couldn't tell you anything this cat sings/raps, until recently, when I discovered this little tune called "Timber"... its a silly little song about what I think is having a real good time at a club, probably doing things that God wouldn't approve of before marriage... but who should pop up in the middle of it, but Ke$ha?

And... and... she sounds awesome. The whole song is awesome. I've listened to "Timber" about 20 times in a few days, mostly just to hear Ke$ha...

SIDEBAR... Do not... I repeat DO NOT gander this video. Pitbull, who I can't actually decide if he's black, white, brown or other, is fine... Ke$ha looks, dresses and moves as if she's in a Carls Jr or Hardees commercial, holding a horribly assembled burger in one hand and a hose in the other, while floundering on a sportscar. Oh, like you haven't seen those commercials. 

So then, I went back and listened to "Your Love is My Drug", and despite the fact she does that talky/sorta singy/kinda hip-hoppy thing during the verses, she nails the chorus and makes it a goofy little pop song that is actually kind of fun.

The next step in my Ke$ha self discovery is going onto iTunes, where I perused her music, listening to bits and pieces. No, its not genius. No, its not even all that good. But its... its... more fun than I wanted to admit.

Perhaps "Tik Tok" will never be "Fergalicious"... but then again, let's be honest, nothing ever will be.  And I'm going to have to get past that stupid "$" in the middle of her name.  (Did you know "Kesha" is a historically ethnic name?  I knew a Kecia Morgan growing up, a beautiful girl, who happened to be white... I was very surprised to find that most Keshas, Kecias, Keishas and variations of such are usually attributed to the black culture.  Go figure.)

In closing, I now have two questions I must ask myself, in order that I may grow as a person...

1) How in the heck did "Tik Tok" and "Your Love Is My Drug" get on my iPod? Cause I honestly do NOT remember downloading either of them..


2) Did I just write 655 words on Ke$ha? Seriously? 

(7590 words written for #15KWordsinFeb... 7418 to go... just over halfway there)

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