Thursday, April 25, 2013

straight white girl wasted

Just a quick one... sometimes things are funny, and need to be seen...

Best. Apology. Letter.  Ever.

(in case you can't read the text, and/or the picture doesn't appear)

Dear Bike Owner,

On Saturday April 20 I graduated From University and got straight white girl wasted.  After the bar it was too late to catch a bus , and I am too broke to afford A cab, so I borrowed your bike withoutasking.  It was a lusciously smooth ride from what I remember.

Anyways I am very sorry I did not ask to borrow your bike, and have so I have returned it with a coupOn for a free lava cake at Domino's as an apology.


Bike TheiF

lifted from one of my favorite sites, Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks

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