Monday, June 04, 2012

more found stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, I dug into a couple of plastic bins that hadn't been opened for 15 years, and contained stuff that hadn't been touched in 20, maybe 25 years.  And here is more of that random crap...

That's right... this pic says "Perfect Attendance".  Since I had no social life, and I so very seldom get sick, I actually didn't miss a day of school from late 8th grade to late in my senior year... and the only reason I missed a day in my senior year was when Chris McCall, Tonya Windham, Stephanie Phillips and I did a campus visit to Livingston University, now called The University of West Alabama.  It was an excused absence. 

And for this one?  It says "Family and Home".  Yes, it was Home Ec.  I had the highest average for like, 3 of the 4 six week periods in Home Ec during my junior year.  I sewed a button on faster than anyone. 

I really don't know why I had this... I've never used an electric razor.  They kinda frighten me.  I'm afraid I'll press too hard and saw part of my face off.  And I certainly wasn't going to start with this little beauty.

Choose your own adventure?!  Yes please! 

Mad Libs!  Admittedly, I wasn't always a Christ Follower, and it was evident while flipping through some of the pages of the Mad Libs 12 book.  Apparently me, Greg Avant and Clay Fulford liked to use naughty words in our Mad Libs.  Maybe in 8th grade, we thought they were cool, or we had just seen Eddie Murphy: Raw too many times.

So this book is called Santa's Magic Mirror, and it was from Avon.  Its this cheez-ball story of Santa's elves and some mirror that had... well, magic in it.  There were three things that stood out about this... first, there is actually a mirror on the last page of the book--but you couldn't give a 7 year old a real glass mirror, so its a flimsy piece of reflective plastic that made you look all funny... secondly, the record, a .45, is a flimsy piece of plastic.  Third, the song that is on that record is horrendous.  I can barely remember the words, but I remember it being catchy when I was 5, terrible now. 

   In this folder of papers contains not only my ACT test scores from all four times I took it (my best was a 27, but had a 29 composite score), but my high school admissions papers and... my enrollment into Samson Elementary School on October 15th, 1984, from Ridgetop Elementary School in Austin, Texas.  

Thanks for humoring me and my box of junk... there's more, but I think I'll end the list here... well, there is one more thing that just blew my entire mind.  More on that later.

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