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There are some movies that are easy to explain... Like "Snakes on a Plane". It's a bunch of mofo snakes on mofo plane, and Sammy Jackson is tired of it. Or "Twilight", which is a two hour montage of how beautiful and sparkly Edward is. (didn't say these were good films...)

Other films take a little work. Take "The Usual Suspects"--great cast, plot line with lots of twists, and an awesome ending which, at the time, was brilliant... It's a little too well known to shock anyone these days. Or the best example of a complicated film, at least in recent years, is "Inception". One of my favorite films ever, to talk you through that would be a good hours discussion... And even then, you'd have a ton of questions.

This poster isn't far from the truth
And then... There's this small independent film called "Rubber". See, it's this movie where a... Um... Okay, so this tire like, rolls out of the desert and... um... uh...alright, so this tire like, kills people, right? And this group of people is watching and it's like a reality show, but real life when... This tire... It. He...

Yeah. That.

"Rubber" is one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen in my life. Without explanation, a tire, on it's own, stands up in the desert and starts rolling around. There is even a learning curve, as it, or he, figures out what is and is not possible.

And he kills people. Not by rolling over them, but by telekinesis. Like, brainwaves. And I say "he" and not "it" because the tire starts stalking this chick, even trying to spy on her in the shower.  In fact, the tire has a name--"Robert".  Its never called Robert in the movie, but the trailer specifies.  I'm not kidding.

And if that's not weird enough, there is this sort-of subplot where there is this group of people are watching him from afar, only the people who have set up the viewing apparently want the group dead because they poison the food except there is one old man in a wheelchair who refuses to eat and he ends up contributing to the efforts in stopping the rogue tire...

Robert the Tire faces off against the police.  And wins.  Cause the cop's
head explodes.  Oh, stop complaining that I ruined it--you weren't going
to see it.
Yes, it's all bizarre. I can't tell you I dislike this movie, because I don't. It's kind of amusing, actually, and the scene where the sheriff tries to explain to his deputies what is going on is hilarious.  And there's a touching scene were Robert the Tire witnesses the burning of dozens of his brother and sister tires in a big furnace.  Almost made me cry.  Okay, not really, but it was kinda sad.  Okay, it wasn't sad--it was par for the course in this movie.

However, I can't tell you to go watch this film... Not because it's gratuitous or bad or anything, it's just... Odd. I feel like out if every ten people, perhaps 2 will like this movie.

So, bottom line--this is one of the strangest, and even pointless, films I've ever seen, so if you want to see something you've never seen before, then "Rubber" is right up your alley. Just tread lightly.

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