Thursday, October 27, 2011

At 799

So, you are reading Blog Post number 799.  To be honest, I've probably at least 820, maybe 830 or so, but over time, many have been deleted for various reasons... either they just sucked, it was stuff I didn't want posted anymore, or it was no longer relevant.

And where have I been?  If there was a town called Busy, that would be my home at this point... though to say that, its not entirely fair, because I have had some free time--but either I'm wrapped up in The DFC, I'm working on the podcast materials or I'm just not doing anything because I've spent so much time doing all the other stuff that I need a moment to just be.  Just be.

That being said, I'm not neglecting the site, I promise.  I value each and every click I get on the page, and I thank you for it... and one of the reasons I've not posted much is because I'm approaching Post #800 so quickly.  And I want to do something special for Post #800... I just haven't had time to write it yet.

The Lovely Steph Leann is upstairs finishing a packing job, and we leave for a few days of vacation time with some dear, dear friends, and also some family that will already be there.  But when I return, I plan on sitting at this very desk and writing out what I want to say for my 800th "publish" click.

So please bear with me just a bit longer, know I haven't forgotten you, Dear Coffee Drinker, and in fact, this is a good time for you to go back and find some other stuff you may have missed.  To the right and down are tons of "tags" on all sorts of subjects--go for it.

And if you are reading this on Facebook, you should bookmark the Clouds page too.  Oh yeah, I also own cloudsinmycoffee dot com, and will me making that change soon.  Hopefully.  Maybe for number 800.

More to come.

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