Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th Links and Thoughts

If you are new to the blog, then welcome! Stay a while. Wanted to share a story with you:

I was working at The Most Caffeinated Place in Soho yesterday, and overheard this from a fellow barista:

"Yeah, [The Most Merciful Anointed One, Messiah] Obama is going to set a timeline for Iraq. Remember when he wanted to do it a few years ago, and everyone said he was crazy? Well, now McCain and Bush are both calling for it. And [The Most Merciful Anointed One, Obama] is also going to make us energy independent in ten years!"

He was telling a customer this, who apparently had made the mistake of either asking or referring to politics. I just smiled. I felt almost overprepared, as I pondering just going straight into him with the fact that The Most Merciful Anointed Messiah Obama's timeline is a piece of crap, and his energy independence plan has as much substance as the movie I watched a few days ago.

However, I resisted. I do realize, though, that I'm going to have to speak up pretty soon. Emmy Turnbow asked me last night when I was going to light up The Most Merciful Anointed Messiah Obama, and after a brief pause, I replied, "Soon."

There's a lot I don't like about him. I used to like the guy, at least personally, but thought he was the wrong choice for president. Now? It's a character thing. I think The Most Merciful Anointed Messiah Obama has some serious character flaws, and deep down, I believe he's not a very good person. Why am I telling you this? Just as a teaser.

BUT... it's September 11th today. And as I usually do a post that remembers this day, I don't have time for original material, as I'm headed to The Happiest Place in the Mall. But for you new Clouds in My Coffee readers, or you people who may have missed it, I wanted to give you some links to my 9/11 blogs in the past.

"Thoughts on THAT Day", a reflection on how I learned of the attacks. In Part II, you'll read about my trip to Ground Zero in 2002.

In "Five Years Later: Today's Thoughts", I listed some of my favorite 9/11 tributes and memorials.

A few days later, I posted "Five Years Later: Where Were Some of You?", where I asked for, and received, some personal thoughts from some friends of mine, including Brooklyn, P-Mack, Matta Latta and more.

And this year, I posted one of my favorite posts ever, "Rebecca Miller & the Divine Do-Over". This was not so much about September 11th, as more of an admission of grace, and how God lets us do things again. I thought it fitting.

Hopefully, if elected, The Most Merciful Anointed Messiah Obama will let us do things over again. Like pay taxes over and over. Exciting, huh!

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