Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dave's Superbash!

The Lovely Steph Leann threw me a birthday party for my 30th birthday last Friday! And it was awesome. I wanted a Superhero themed party, so thats what I got. We spent several days pulling together stuff like game prizes (and games themselves), decorations, she called Edgar's Bakery to get me a Fantastic Four cake, I dropped $17 bucks on a FF shirt, and the night before, my man Stan at Kingdom Comics gave me a box of cards for this superhero game called Vs. Its kind of a D&D kind of thing, so I didnt want to mess with it...


...it had a ton of cool cards in like, like Batman, Wolverine, Jean Grey and such, that I thought I would just toss into the goody bags we were making. But these were just too cool to just throw away, so at 11pm Thursday night, I came up with this card game to play during the party. I racked my brain, even lying in bed, trying to make it work, trying to make it easy to explain and all...

So, party time came, and Michael and Ty were the first to show up. Essentially, the card game was simple. You were given four random cards at the beginning of the party, and your job was to trade, bribe and collect cards to make sets--like, the set worth the most points was Fantastic Four Set featuring The Thing, Human Torch, Mr Fantastic and Dr Doom. Other sets included Batman, Batman Villians, X-Men Warriors and others... there were extra cards scattered about worth extra points, like Rogue was worth 35, Black Tom was worth 25 and Dr. Light was worth about 30.

The key card was the Invisible Woman card, which only one was in the room... it gave you special trading abilities... anyway, I thought at first the game would be cheesy, and nobody would want to do it. But as people arrived, got the cards, suddenly, everyone was crowded around the wall where the sets & points were posted...

Making an appearance was... Meredith & Willis, James & Jessica, Tyler, Michael, Ty, Katy (sans David), Lori, Natalie & Ari, Tad & Gina, Wookiee & a different Gina, Daniel & Jennifer, Tom & Jill, Tommy & Amy, and of course, The Lovely Steph Leann and myself.

Everyone played that game for a while, then we turned to Dave Trivia... I had made up questions all along the week for Dave Trivia, questions all about me and things that interested me, broken out into five catagories... examples of questions were:

Young Dave Catagory: Dave began playing tennis at 15, inspired by who? A) Chris Evert Lloyd; B) Jim Courier; C) Jennifer Capriati or D) Ryan Frary, who lived five houses down

Troy State Catagory: Name the only sorority Dave never dated from: Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta or Alpha Delta Pi

The Deuce: In the Deuce Weekly, what was the subject of the running joke in the top ten list?
Dave's Faves: Who is Dave's favorite Harry Potter character?

Potent Potables: On Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse, whats the big prize when you find the marble in the oatmeal?

The team of Tyler, Wookiee & Gina, Tom & Jill, Katy and Lori won the game, and Tommy won the card game shortly thereafter. Finally, Natalie's daughter found the special Jean Grey card in the goody bag, so she won the final prize (a cool Hulk keychain).

We probably spent way too much money on the party, but we heard from everyone that they had a great time... even the card game that I thought might be considered silly ended up being a great icebreaker, because friends I had from all over were able to meet and connect... it was like a big icebreaker, but more fun.

Happy birthday to me!

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  1. As usual the Dollars put on a great party that was Deuce worthy in my book. Those that have yet to assimilate most surely will do so now.


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