Friday, August 26, 2011

The Great CD Purge

As part of our house cleaning slash clearing slash purging of our mostly unneeded possessions, CDs happen to be an issue.  Between the two of us, we've got close to 600 from just about all genres... no polka, unless you count the polka stuff on the Weird Al albums.  Not really any opera, except for The Phantom of the Opera.  Lots of country.  Lots of rock.  And lots of Christian, both good and bad.  For every dcTalk I own, The Lovely Steph Leann has a Petra CD somewhere.  For every awesome GRITS album I have, she's got a Kim Hill CD on the shelf.

But alas, our CD wall is too big.  On the left here, you'll see our CD collection, minus about 125 or so, which were taken downstairs for uploading into iTunes, followed by selling and/or purging.

We decided it would be good to buy one of those big CD books, one that holds like, 350 or so, and dispose of the plastic cases that are taking up so much room.  We could keep some CDs in their cases, but agreed that we could not keep any CDs that would not fit into the racks on the far left, which will hold a combined 152... yes, I counted.

So, the process began.  Two waves of looking over the CDs produced the ones to get rid of... the first wave, it was easy to dispense of DJ Maj or The Smalltown Poets or Pax 217 and other albums I had not listened to since perhaps the day I acquired them... the second look over the collection resulted in getting rid of the last two FFH albums (keeping the first few) and the last two Point of Grace CDs and a Ginny Owens CD and some Starbucks Pop/Rock collections and such.

So, finally, I had the pile of CDs that were leaving The Cabana forever.  Well, except for those that come back... here are a few of the gems unearthed...

This is one of the many CDs we have two copies of, which is why its in the "get rid of" pile.  We'll be giving
this one to someone in the family.  You know, even if Jennifer Knapp now attends the First Lesbetarian Church,
that doesn't change the fact she was awesome back in the day.

Starbucks sold this.  We all admired The Reverend Al Green's great expression here.

So, I have a ton of Christian music CDs, and many of them are these kind of promos.  Usually they ran around
$1.99 to maybe $2.99, but if you bought one of the CDs represented , you got the promo CD for free.  And
from about 1998 to about 2002, I purchased a ton of those albums that would get me the free CDs.  

Ever heard of Katy Hudson?  No?  Well, ever heard of Katy Perry?  Yes?  Then you've heard of Katy Hudson.
Same chick.  This is her early Christian rock effort, and its just not very good. 

So, I consider "Jagged Little Pill" to be an incredible CD.  Ten years after its release, in 2005,
Alanis released an acoustic version of the album... and its just not good.  She sounds fine, the
music is fine, but by 2005, she was married and happy and content and so on, ruining the rage
that made her first album so awesome.  If you want great acoustic from Alanis, get her MTV Unplugged
CD.  Currently, I'd like to give our spare copy of JPL to our 14 year old niece, as I think she should
know Alanis.  The Lovely Steph Leann disagrees. 

Remember when Christian Rock was awesome?  Yeah, I miss it too.

Not even his first CD.  Somehow I ended up with his 2nd one and I bought it when Coconuts was still open.  The
price?  99 cents.  Not sure I'm going to turn a profit when I sell this one.


This is a 2 part set... and I don't know how and when I got these.  Whats
even more remarkable is that the Lovely Steph Leann has these as well, and
she can't remember where she got them.  And even more, we have a THIRD
set of these two CDs, and I have no idea how they came to be in our home.

And so, this is everything I lugged into 2nd and Charles.  Some of these are even unopened. 

I took all these CDs to 2nd and Charles tonight.  For everything, including some movies we tossed in there to sell, we had a choice of about $35 in cash or $71 in credit.  I took the credit, though The Lovely Steph Leann sighed, "With $25, that's two movies we could have gone to."

I retorted, "Well, with $71, that's about 10 movies we can buy."

And tomorrow, I'll sift through the rest of the CDs, make some more hard choices--like, do I need to keep the Natalie Merchant "Tigerlily" CD or John Mellencamp's Greatest, or can I get by on having them in iTunes?

These are the hard decisions that have to be made.

The Summer of Blogging Day Sixty Four

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  1. Hey!
    I'm a huge Katy Perry fan,a Katycat.
    I can't find the cd "Katy Hudson" anywere.
    Sell ​​your cd? I would pay even 70-80 $.


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