Thursday, October 22, 2015

three months later

They say if you haven't done something for a while, even if you did it frequently in the past, you sometimes can pick it right back up like... well, like "riding a bike".  Well, if you haven't ridden a bike in many, many years, riding a bike isn't the easiest thing in the world.  Especially if it's an undersized Star Wars bike that you are trying to navigate through the aisles of a Target.  

It's been a while since I've written anything.  I'm liable to be all over the map here, my grammar may be terrible and my sentence structure may need a de-fib kit for some life.  Which pretty much makes it like anything else I've ever written.

So I do have to ask your forgiveness for that, and for the following post.  It's not very good--I don't say that in false humility, I mean it.  I mean it's just not very good, and that's okay.  Sometimes they aren't that great... but, I do have to learn this part again.  

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure and thrill of writing up what was my 1000th post on this here blog site.  It began as a 3 part series that chronicled my own writing journey, why I wrote, who I wrote about and how it all came to be. 

That was on April 16th.  The next week, on April 22nd, I wrote the second part to it, then on April 29th, part 3 came about... which fittingly was about a "writing a dry spell".  And I say fittingly, because the final part of the series was posted six weeks later.  Called "Write Up to Now", it was the conclusion of my writing history up until that very moment. 

As it if it was written as such a purpose, I wrote: 

I can't promise you I'll blog every week, but I will try.  I have no plans to change the content... it will still be about movies, music, pop culture, life, family, Disney, random Amy Adams (whom I'm in love with) references, random Julie Wise references (because I think its funny at this point), random Troy and Samson stories, maybe the final season of American Idol, and maybe just a little bit of politics...

And I wrote it as such because I had no idea when I would blog again.  Best laid plans had me sitting down and writing the next week.  Then the next week came, and then the writing was pushed back again... and again... and again... 

A few things happened in this time frame.  I left my job.  My 40 hour per week steady paycheck job... I turned my notice in and walked away 2 weeks later to pursue my passion--being a travel planner, concentrating on Disney and Universal, eventually to expand to other travel ventures.

Plus, in working from home, I'd spend more time with Campbell, my 3 year old, as I got him ready for school every day and picked him up in the afternoon.  Theoretically, I would spend my evenings now with The Lovely Steph Leann... of course, neither one of us expected business to pick up like it did, so some nights I am still at the laptop pulling quotes and working on itineraries, even after spending 6 hours on them that day.

I turned 40.  I had all these visions and plans of my 40th birthday posts, I had a great idea for a series called "#ThisIs40" that I would write over the next year or so, discussing 40 years on Earth.  Here it is late October, and I've actually written down five topics for that series. I wrote those down in a notebook, last February.

Campbell started school.  He's talking.  Not a ton, but he's saying stuff now.  I have a book idea on paper.  Haven't typed a word down, but the idea is there.  College football season has started.  My movie podcast, The Deucecast Movie Show, is nearing its 200th episode.  I bought some stuff to work on my own Disney podcast, set to launch in September.  Of 2015, natch.

And what happens... life.  Life happens.  Life jumps in the way and says, "You got plans, so do I.  Mine supersede yours, bucko."  Houses get messy, new Disney podcasts get pushed back until January (the latest plan now), the college football season is half over, I'm already two months into my 40th year... ah life.

Life is truly what happens while you're busy making other plans.  John Lennon said that.  Nice man, shot in the back, very sad.

Now, you may be sitting there thinking, "Wait... is he not going to write anymore?  Is he shutting down his site?!"  And other people are thinking, "Wait, you still have a blog?!" and yet, a few of you are thinking, "I didn't know you had a blog site.  When did you start that?  And who reads blogs anymore?"

The answers... Yes, I am.  No, I'm not.  Yes, I do.  Yes, I do.  Over ten years ago.  And 280,500 clicks on my site means something, suckas.... 

I miss this bike.  I miss this page.  I miss being able to toss down some thoughts and say some stupid things and smart things and have people go "Wow, that was stupid" or "wow, that was surprisingly smart".  

My friend Libby Norcross said it in a speech not too long ago... "What can you not not do?"  And that's writing.  I can not not (who's there?) write.  I can not not put stuff on paper, or at least, a screen.  

Frankly, I'd love to have the time to write things down on paper... but I'm too impatient.  I actually can't type fast enough when sending an email or an instant message for my liking, and find myself using voice texting sometimes unnecessarily--then I have a ton of mistakes in the voice to text translation, have to go back and correct everything and find that it would have been a shorter time to just type it out. 

Such is.

Anyway, this is my latest blog post.  I have a ton of stuff to talk about in the coming days, weeks, months, and I still have a plan to do some "series" type stuff... especially my "#ThisIs40" idea.  Maybe people will read it, maybe they won't, but it will be a great record of my own life for years to come.

Now... I have to go and life.