Wednesday, June 12, 2019

summer end quick

While I work hard on your magical vacations, my kid is currently upstairs crying because:

1) He can't ride a bus right now.

2) He can't ride an elevator right now.

3) See mommy, who is at work.

4) wants Cool-ay, of which i have no idea what that means. And yes, the first thought is "Kool-Aid", but trust me, I'm pretty sure he's not saying "Kool-Aid".

5) I won't wear a Greystone shirt to match the one he just put on, because he thinks we'll be going to McWane Center if we wear them.

6) he can't play with our suitcases, of which I've had to pile in a locked up bedroom because of this problem

7) his head hurts, which hurts because he bangs his head on anything he can find.

8) I got onto him because when I went to the restroom, he turned my computer completely off in the middle of something I was working on

This isn't a multiple choice. He's crying for all of these things simultaneously.

Also, its very quiet right now. Unsure how much time I give it before I actually go check on him.

I need summer to end quickly.

Monday, June 10, 2019

why am i still awake

I refuse to let this blog go! I just refuse to do it!

It's currently 1:38 in the morning central time, and here are some random thoughts that aren't cohesive, and aren't really related, but I just wanted to write something.

I'm doing an Autism dad podcast.  Like, I'm the dad of a kid with autism, and I'm going to do a podcast and talk about it.  Monday mornings is when it will release. I've got three episodes done, and will upload all three sometime in the next 10 days.  Hope you listen.  It's called "My Kid's Got the Autism"

I've seen "Toy Story 2" about thirty times in the last two weeks.  My kid, Campbell, loves riding Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios.  He watched the Slinky Dog Dash videos on YouTubeKids. He sees squeeze penguin Wheezy, the character at the end of the ride, and knows Wheezy was in Toy Story 2... he gets his squeaker replaced, and says "I feel a song coming on!", then launched into "You Gotta Friend in Me". So Campbell sees Wheezy in the video, then wants to see Wheezy in the movie, plus at the end of the movie, there is a scene in baggage claim where suitcases are all over the place, and now he wants to roll suitcases around.  Autism sucks.

Just saw a movie called "Set It Up" on Netflix. It's cute, but not memorable. At the end of the film, I had to ask The Lovely Steph Leann "What was the name of the movie we just watched?"

We also watched "Always Be My Maybe" on Netflix.  That movie is a jewel.  Love it, love Randall Park, love Ali Wong in this film, and the Keanu Reeves cameo (though he's in it for a good 10 minutes, so I'm not even sure its a cameo really) is priceless. And the song at the end of the movie, about punching Keanu Reeves, is nothing short of amazing.

There is water in our garage.  Signature Homes is the company that built our neighborhood in 2008, and the fact that water trickles in when a heavy rain comes is maddening. We also replaced our dishwasher last week -- under the washer when it was moved, they found two cigarette butts and a couple of food wrappers. Meaning those had been there since the day the house was built and when we moved in, in 2008.  I hate shoddy work, and companies that put up with it.

"Bad Night at the El Royale" was one of my favorite films of last year, and its now on HBO... I'm pretty excited about seeing it again, to see if I like it as much the 2nd viewing.  Is it "Bad Night"?  Or is it "Bad Times"? I honestly cannot remember

Update. It's Bad Times.

Time for bed.