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to campbell, on your 12th birthday

 Dear Campbell,

I don't understand the math, but somehow you are 12 years old today. You were born in 2011, so if I used all of my fingers, plus two more, counting to this year... yep, 12.  Wow.

So, I read my letter from last year, and I sort of cheated you out of a good note, and for that I'm sorry. I didn't take the time you were owed to share my thoughts with you - I apologize, kid.  So let's hope this one is a little better.

It's been one crazy year - they all seem to be - and maybe I'll say the same thing year after year, but you have grown so much. Your vocabulary is grown by leaps and bounds, not only in what you say, but what you spell out - your thoughts on kindness, on Jesus, on faith, on your love for us and understanding how much we love you... it's mind blowing. 

Lot of growing up for you too this year... finally, at Alabama Splash Adventure park, you got to ride the roller coasters by yourself... I asked you, "Do you want to ride by yourself, or do you want me to ride with you?" you'd say quickly, "By myself."

Your independence is coming, dude. I feel it. 

Of course, I still love the fact you like hanging out with me. Our weekly Saturday afternoon adventures are always memorable, and something I look forward to - our weekly stops at the Joyful Bakery, at Whole Foods, sometimes a Wal-mart, occasionally the mall, and of course, "Homewood Target".  Why? "The elevator!"  You sit in the cart, I wheel you around and get my own steps in, we look at Thomas stuff, books, clothes, Legos, and everything else in our Target trip... though admittedly, soon, you'll be too big for the cart and will be walking everywhere.  Your mom is feeling that now while you are in Disney World with she and GG, because even though we get you the special needs stroller that is larger, it can only hold you for so long.  So, kid, be prepared to walk everywhere soon... though if I'm honest, I think that's what you'd prefer anyway. 

Let's talk music... a few services like Spotify have this thing where they tell you the artists you listen to the most - we don't do Spotify, but we do Apple Music, and I gotta be honest, it's a little annoying because it's all YOU dude.

I mean, seriously. I'm not listening to 
"Rolling in the Deep" 281 times without
some sort of outside coercion
(Pardon me, Campbell, while I explain to the audience what I mean... so each night, as part of our bedtime routine, we listen to music as we get him ready for bed.  Campbell has picked the playlist, and while the first song has rotated some -- we've had Morgan Wallen's "Last Night" and "Before He Cheats" from Carrie Underwood and "Africa" by Toto and Harry Style's "Satellite" to name a few, we are currently on Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know"

The other three songs are staples... "Levitating" by Dua Lipa, featuring the rap by DaBaby, which I of course have to sing... I'm not kidding, it's his request... and then "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele... and finally, "How to Save a Life" by The Fray.  After music, we do our Bible story, but 1 or 2 times per week, we skip the story and do a fifth song, "Your Song" by Elton John.  I like that one, because I get to sing the line "you are the sweetest kid... I've ever seen...". Then we turn out the lights, say our prayers, and go to sleep)

So, because of your songs every night, my Top Ten played was dominated by YOUR music... including "Rolling in the Deep", "Levitating", "How to Save a Life", "Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa (also originally on the rotation before being moved out), and "Your Song".  We have to get to the 9th song on the list before we get to a song that wasn't or isn't on your list - "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry.  Which you'd like that one too if I'd let you have a 6th song. 

ALL that said... I LOVE that you love music. I love that you love piano, that you listen to everything, that you enjoy dcTalk as well as Taylor Swift as well as Elton John, and even some Will.I.Am, though thats from the "Rio" soundtrack.

Your movies this year?  After a year or two of not paying any attention to it, you cycled back to "Rio 2", which has become almost a daily watch... this, of course, was after a few months of daily "Encanto", which followed a few months of daily "Moana", and it's still fun to not only hear you sing the songs, but actually quote lots of dialogue.  

TV? You're still all about GameShow Network, loving you some Cash Cab and Family Feud and American Says ("host John Michael Higgins!") and People Puzzler and much more, though you'll settle in with your mom on the couch and watch Hallmark... granted you have your iPad in hand, volume on, snuggled up so close to her you are almost under her, which led her to start using captions on the TV, but still. 

Okay, last thing before I go... I want to offer you some advice as you grow and finish your elementary school career and head to middle school next year... Campbell, always let kindness carry you. Always.

One of the things we’ve really picked up on this year is your empathetic nature, which is going to be a blessing, and a curse as you grow up. You’re ability, your nature to take on the pain of others, and to feel what they feel, is a remarkable trait that not many people have. As you live your life, you’re going to be able to see and hear things, and know things about people that some other people will miss because they’re just not feeling the emotion of those around them. And God is going to use that gift tremendously to show compassion and care to so many people.

However, middle school is coming, and it’s going to be a gauntlet. This isn't to scare you, but to just remind you that it's something your mom dealt with, I dealt with, nearly all adults have dealt with... it can be wonderful, it can be fun, as you'll meet new people and make new friends and have new adventures that you've never had a chance to before... but it can also be hard.

But let kindness carry you. Not just in middle school, but everywhere you can. In every possible case, don’t just be nice, be kind. 

Sometimes that means saying or doing things that aren’t popular because it's the right thing, the kind thing to do.

Sometimes that means sticking with people who aren’t the best people in many other eyes because that's where kindness carries you. 

But kindness also doesn’t mean to roll over and let people walk all over you. As I've told you before, I want to prepare you for the fact that there are people out there who are just... well, mean. Doesn't mean Jesus doesn't love them - He does. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't love them - we should. But it also doesn't mean we have to like them or be around them.  We don't. 

As you grow up, you’ll have to discern when to stand and when to back down. 

Stick up for those people around you who cannot fight for themselves. Stick up for yourself. And hold close to those friends who will stick up for you. You have an army of older folks, parents, teenagers, friends who would be willing to fight every battle for you they can… But none of us can be there all the time. 

I want to remind you, it won’t be easy. But, I am there for you. Your mom is there for you. Your friends are there for you. And God will always be there for you in a way that none of us ever can be. 

Finally, Campbell, we live in a crazy world, a world where somebody who believes one thing gets super mad at somebody else who believes something different. 

 Campbell and his mom, taken not
long before I published this post. 
He loves Disney World SO MUCH
Our family believes in the death, and risen life of Jesus Christ,  and in that sacrifice, our sins, our bad deeds are covered. Everything we’ve ever done before, everything we ever will do, is covered under the sacrifice of Jesus.  Knowing you have accepted Jesus in your heart is a beautiful thing to us, an answered prayer from the day you were born.  

But there are many people out there who don’t believe that, and while we know and are positive of what we believe in, it is important to remember that we should never make fun of, or treat badly those who believe something different. 

No matter what people believe, they deserve respect. 

Sometimes people will treat you with disrespect, and you just walk away.  Jesus is in your heart and He will be there for you, that I can promise you. 

Okay, I've rambled on long enough. 

I love you so much, more than you can possibly imagine, and I pray every day that your mom and I can be good examples for you as you grow up - I hope you see and feel the love we have for you at all times. 

It's your birthday today, and your mom tells me you were enjoying a birthday burger at Sci-Fi Cafe in Hollywood Studios today, and honestly, it kinda made me a little sad that I wasn't there with you today. But I promise you, we'll enjoy a good meal on your birthday next year.  Of course, you'll be 13 and probably won't want to hang out with me because I'm not cool enough, but I'll try anyway. 

Your mom loves you, your GG and Pops love you, your aunts and uncles and cousins love you, your Granny Jan and PawPaw Randy love you - and Jesus loves you more than all of us put together, times a bajillion.  And that's a lot, my friend, a lot. 

I'll see you in a few days when you return home! 

Love always,


"to campbell on your 11th birthday" link is at the beginning of this post... here is the link "to campbell on your 10th birthday", and the rest of the letters are at the bottom of that post... 

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the class of 93... thirty years later: the last will & testament

So it's our last will & testament, read on Senior Class Day in May 1993. 

Everyone in the class, with a few exceptions missing, turned in what they would "leave" to whoever they wished. Lots of inside jokes, nearly everyone wished graduation success to the following year's class, and the word "ability" is mentioned about 800 times.

I tried to type out exactly as typed, which by the way was then printed on a word processor, and lots of notes written in the margin. I also typed in the misspellings on some names, some grammar, and some sentences.  Some corrections were made (then, not by me now) and I tried to list anything marked through just for posterity - though some things were just marked out too much (I still wonder what Shannon Williamson left Manda Donaldson and Amy Zorn)

And a few nods to "finding true friends", which I'm sure is a definite sign of being 17 years old. Or now. Sometimes things remain the same, eh? 

So here is the Class of '93's Last Will & Testament. 

Beth Adkison - I leave to Amy Zorn the directions to get to that place. (We still haven't got there, but don't worry, I'm starting to remember.) To Jenny Day, Julie Dunn, and Lynne Mock I leave shoes for the summer. To Christy Maloy and Amy Farris I leave an automatic truck and the nicknames SPIN-OUT and PUNCH-IT. (I'm sure Felicia Simmons head, and my rear-end think so). To Nicole Wilson and Jeromy Howell I leave all my typing paper, correction tabs, and the knowledge to press reprint. To Misty Kimble I leave a boyfriend for each week of the year. To Tammy Ward I leave a Barf Bag, and to Felicia Simmons, Jackie Warren the best of luck, because you'll need it. To Kecia Slosh Morgan and Nicki Rowboat Vann I leave these nicknames. And to Christie Mock, Kathy King, and Jan Lolley (who we all know as Air Heads) the ability to blow up a balloon. To Joni Floyd and Amy Bowers "YOU'RE BLOND SO GIVE THE ACT UP." Good luck Class of '94

Greg Avant - I leave my parking space to whoever gets there first.

Top Row: Jan, Kecia, Tammy W, Brian
Middle: d$, Daniel, Chris
Bottom: Johnny, Michael K, Nicki, Brandi
Bottom right: Victor; Bottom small: Misty

Michael Creech - I leave to Karen the ability to do what she wants and not get in trouble. To Brenda good luck in the future and maybe you'll make it. To Angie I leave all my love.

Wade Fulford - I leave all the luck in the world to Kim.

Shane Gillis - I leave Michael Mock some bifocals, my beautiful truck and my high standard taste in women, and to Craig McCollough I leave an eye. To the Junior Class I leave Avery and Drew

Brian Green - I leave to Craig the ability to stay awake at the wheel. And to the rest of the class of '94 Good Luck.

Rodney Hornsby - I leave to my sister Christie the ability to play basketball and to the Varsity Basketball team good luck in the future. Special thanks to Mrs. Rials and Coach Thrasher.

Wendy Marsh - I leave to my Home Ec. Class the willingness to do class work. I leave to the Junior Class the school. I wish Mrs Gilly the best of luck at good ol SHS.

Misty Kimble - To Victor and Shannon, I leave the ability to drive from the back seat. To Nichole I leave the bathroom in pizza hut. To Joni, a certain curb on the Geneva-Enterprise highway. To Kecia I leave a video of herself in the Hotel room in Panama City. To Tammy Ward, a full WalMart bag. To Beth Adkison, I leave all our good times and laughs, also the ability to sleep without getting a holy blanket. To Felicia, Kathy, Chris McCall, Jackie, and Lynn Mock, all my love and the best of wishes.
To [redacted] I leave a friendship that I never thought would [line incomplete]

Drew King - To Mike Mock my good reputation with teachers, and to Craig McCollough a socket set to take the screw out of his leg.

Johnny Knowles - I leave to my brother Adrian my wealth from broadcasting and the ability to pass

Michael Knowles - I leave to my brother Eric the ability to graduate, and do it within the next five years.

Jennifer Lambert - To Kam I leave the ability to play with a big glove. To Paula I leave the 4th of July!! To Jason I leave the ability to do good in school and stay out of trouble.

Jan Lolley - To the class of '94 Good Luck and to my little brother Andy, all my love. And the Leah Hutchinson I hope you get to be on Saturday Night Live one day. To the Class of '93, thanks for the memories

Chris McCall - To my brother Douglas I leave the school bus, since I won't be here to take him to school next year. To everyone else who asked me to leave them something I leave my spot in the parking lot. Ya'll can fight over it later [final line crossed out, can't tell what it is]

Stan McDuffie - I leave good luck to next year's baseball and basketball teams I leave my brother Ross the best of luck and the ability to sleep in English class every day and still pass. To the Class of '94, best wishes and thanks for being cool about everything

Victor Miller - To Kim, Jenny, Joey, and Lynn the gossip table in the dungeon. Toby, some "good ole" common sense. Stacey, Tracy, Amanda, and Michele, the ability to master the pronunciation system of French numbers. To Nicole Wilson, the skill to keep on asking, "But why Mrs. Davis?" Julie Dunn, his empty seat on bus, 75-1, and the ability to pass notes about everything in Mrs. Rials class and not get caught. Kellie, Erica, Amy, and Andrea the ability to "work it girls." Rory Farris, the ability to keep worshipping me, although I'm gone. To Bradley, the hope and ability to graduate and the ability to speed and not get stopped. Good Luck

Christie Mock - I leave to my brother the best of luck with the rest of his highschool years. I love you and may all your dreams come true  I leave to my brother Chad all my love. And to the Seniors of 94, may you have a fun and exciting year. Good luck and God Bless you all!

Kecia Morgan - To the Class of '94, I wish you all the best of luck and hope you all have a wonderful Senior year! To Misty, Nicki, Tammy T., Tammy W., Felicia, Jackie, Beth, and all my closest friends I leave all my love and I hope that we will always be the best of friends. Good luck! To Steve Dillard, I give all my love.

Latoya Morgan - I leave to Tita, Tarlisha, Christy, Tracey, and Mel, the ability to achieve all your goals. I hope that you will do well in school, sports, and the band. I leave to Bradley, Shannon, Larry, Kantrell, and Gregory the ability to behave, because you really need it. I also leave Patrick, the best of luck in all you do.

Stephaine Phillips - To Kam and Paula, I wish ya'll the best of luck with your senior year. I hope its your best yet. To the Lady Tiger Softball and Volleyball Teams, I wish you the best of luck next year, I know you can bring home the state championship. To my brother Jeff, I wish you the ability to sleep in class and also be able to keep your grades up. To Jacklyn, Good luck with everything you do. Always hold your head high and you will accomplish everything you set your mind to. To the Class of 94, I wish you the best of luck. I hope your senior year is the best. 

Monty Powell - Enjoy life and never take things too seriously

Brandi Schertal - I leave to Kam, Paula and Letita the ability to go to state in volleyball and basketball. I leave to Kam Johnson & Paula Baxley my Accent (HA! HA! BIG JOKE) Good luck to the class of '94. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, since I've been here.

Felicia Simmons - I leave to my her sister Amy the ability to get out of the car correctly and not to take notes in Mrs. Daniels room and still pass. I leave my love and best of luck in life to: Amy F., Christy Maloy, Tammy W, Jackie W, Misty K, Beth A, Kecia M, Chris Mc, Victor M, and Cathy K. I leave to Beth A, the ability to know when an ant is biting you. To Mrs. Peterson the number afer "40"

Jason Slay - I leave to John Slay that ability to drive and graduate. To Drew King the ability to graduate and to Michael Mock a bottle of roach killer. To Daniel Stephensons [sic] and Joey Stephens a Key to my house. I also leave to Daniel Stephson [sic] a newspaper. To all of my  teachers of the past, best of wishes. And to Mr. Johnson, extreme thanks. I also leave to all Agi. students my ability to ace the hunter safety test and still shut-off their TOE

Jason Smith - To all my friends at Samson High, a big "Good Luck" and to Julie Dunn, Walt Logan, and Jeremy Howell the ability to "break it down"

Joey Stephens - I leave to my sister Jennifer the ability to graduate and the best of luck during high school.

Top: d$, Nicki, Shannon
Middle: Traci, Jennifer, Susan
Bottom: Latoya, Christie, Clay

Daniel Stephenson - To Toby Chastain I leave the ability to change his name from ugly tackle to strong tackle. To the class of '94 the ability to keep the fun going and all my love to Beverly. To my Brother David I leave ability to graudate & party hard

Tammy Thomas - I leave to Rona Mock my highwaters, Amy Farris the ability to beat up Shannon Bowers. To my sister Jamie all of the love and luck in the world, and to Coach Baxley I leave her all of my love and a bunch of Thanks for shaping me into a good athlete and for letting me know that someone really does care. 

  Nicki Vann - I leave to Kasee Mock and David Chancey the ability to make it one more year. I leave Misty K. Kecia M. and Beth A. all of the memories and all of my love and the best in the future. I leave Tony Hornsby the ability to get along with Mrs. Daniels. I give all of my love to Chad Davis. I leave to my sister the ability to go to school and graduate. 

Chad Ward - I leave to the class of '94 all the best, and the ability to graduate.

Susan Ward - I leave to Kimberly Davis, Julie Dunn, Jennifer Jones, Brandie Hamic, and Kelley Wise a package of dry Gatorade (Remember that at Cheerleader Camp this year.) Good Luck to the Classes of '94 and '95

Tammy Ward - I leave to Heather Ward the best of her school years and good luck. To Amy Farris good luck with the guys and my love.

Jackie Warren - I leave to Tanya Merritt and Beth Edison the ability to make good grades and graduate. I also leave to Tanya Merritt a paint brush for those deer and chickens, that Sunday afternoon. I leave to Johnathan Aplin the ability to graduate and give everyone who works at Ground Control a hard time. I leave to Nicole Wood the ability to borrow all those neighborly things, and the ability to be friends with most people and to graduate. I leave to Kim Linton the ability to learn how to drive a truck without wrecking it. To Felicia S. Beth A. Tammy W Misty K. Kathy K. Kecia M. Nicki V. and the rest of my friends all the luck in the world and my love.

Leslie Whigham - To my brother and sister, I leave the ability to graduate and find true friends. And to the class of '94 & '95 best of luck.

Shannon Williamson - I would like to leave to: Manda Donaldson and Amy Zorn (unintelligible). Melanie the ability to hit Jimbo and J.J. back. To Andre a smile, to Christy Poon a frown. To Traci I leave thanks for being a good friend. 

Tonya Windham - To my brother Tony, I leave the ability to graduate. To Tracey and Stephanie my messy room and a bottle of aspirin. To Julie, Andrea, Tanya and Shanna, the ability to stay in band through your senior year.

Avery Baine - To my cousin Tanya, the ability to graduate, and to Kelly all my love

Traci Baine - I leave to Kam the jug and christmas lights. To Paula Tulips and the ability to touch your toes. To Amy Zorn a disguise so she won't be seen where she shouldn't be. To the Lady Tigers, best of luck in all 3 sports. I hope you go all the way. 

David $ - To Jason Howell the ability to get away from Subway with only minimal bruising. To Heather Chancey the ability to tell the Archibald joke, To Cristie Wright the ability to learn how to play tennis. To Rona, I leave thanks for being my friend. And to all the Junior High Students who made me one of their favorite seniors - Good luck!

Anthony Landingham - I leave my brother Douglas the ability to graduate within the next five years and find success in his life.

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the class of 93... thirty years later: class history

 As a sort of "class historian" of Samson High School Class of '93, because I'm a legit nerd and keep everything like a Hoarder Lite, I've managed to hold onto a few documents that honestly no one in their right mind should still have.

Not that anything I have is bad or scandalous, but who else has their Class History and the Class Last Will & Testament still on the original paper, with the original notes written in (including the Last Will & Testament that is signed "not cleared" by a teacher).

So as we celebrate 30 years since we walked that football field to get our diplomas, I thought it was finally time to print and preserve what our lasting legacy is. 

In the next few days, I'm going to post and publish the aforementioned papers, as well as my own writings - the class haikus and the "Bahama Cruisin': The Epic Poem" senior cruise recap 

But first... the Samson High School Class History, transcribed directly from the paper upon which it's typed, copied in the same format. I added the years above each section, just for context, since most of us are too old to do math now. 

I dare say this is the first time this has seen the light of day since Class Day, 1993.

Here we go:

We started our schooling years in kindergarten.
This was the year Chris McCall got in trouble for throwing foam during naptime.
Tonya Windham got a paddling in the bathroom. She got another one when she said it didn't hurt.
If you've ever noticed Nicki Vann's nose, you'll see a scar. She got it when Latoya tried to staple her nose together.

In first grade, Marsha Richardson joined our class
In the process of attacking the monkey bars, Stephanie Phillips became the first in our class to lose her front teeth.
This was the year we began our traditional Civil War... like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going, and going, and going...

We were finally second graders, and Stephen Stowe, Vanessa Olive, and Jackie and Felicia joined our class.
Misty Kimble took two karate lessons and became known as Kung Fu Kimble when she bodyslammed Susan Ward.
Greg Avant hit puberty early when he gave Jennifer Lambert a big box of chocolates on Valentines Day to win her heart.

In third grade, Tywania Phillips joined our class and jumped right in to the Civil War, pigtails and all.
Playing house became serious when Kecia Morgan and Jerry Hysmith got married... thank goodness there were no children born.
This year, the I've only Got Nine Toes Club was formed, it's founding member - Anthony Landingham.

We knew we were moving up in the world when we entered fourth grade, and a brand new school was built just for us.
Yes, we thought we were all that when we became the Seniors of the Elementary School
We were cursed this year when Victor Miller, Beth Adkison, and David Dollar, and Brian Green joined our class.
And David Dollar got the wonderful Samson welcome when Shane Gillis, and Drew King would chase him home everyday, cussing and shooting birds at him
Girl trouble started early for Jason Smith, when he couldn't decide between Susan and Nicki - so, because he could, he chose them both. 
Michael Dumas made our trip to the capital exciting, when he got sick after eating the animal food and throwing up on the way home.

Mrs Wikel's Class, 1985
In Fifth Grade, Shane Gillis, Shannon Williamson, and Jan Lolley became part of the Class of 93
Gerald Smith began his career as an arson when he set fire to the woods behind the school
The We Hate Everything But Boys Club was founded... only if we were still so naive.
Jason Smith became jumpsticks king, but endured heavy competition

We were finally sixth graders, and we moved over to junior high school.
Michael Creech, Lee Futch, and Drew King and Tammy Thomas joined our class this year.
This was the year we got used to living without chewing gum, because Mr. White threatened us with the paddling board.
The new fads this year were Reeboks, Converse, and beginning band.

In Seventh Grade, Latoya showed us all her violent side when her and Sambo Cade got into a knockdown drag out brawl.
Coca Cola shirts and Mrs. Brooks parts of speech tests were the hottest things going this year.
Mrs. Williams locked Victor in the closet, and she tried to give Shannon a lick, but Shannon convinced her she'd just had surgery on her butt.
Tonya began her attitude when she told Mrs. Brooks, "You're crazy!!" where Mrs. Brooks replied, "I am not crazy!!!"
This year, the class of 93 joined Avery.

The Class of 1993... in Eighth Grade, Coach
Week's civics class
In Eighth grade, our class took our second field trip, with Coach Chastain to the falls, where the word Tree became a new saying. 
We all had Mrs. Free believing that Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and our Nigerian exchange student Hakeem Olajuwan were absent from class.

We finally were Freshman, and we had a
mere four years left.
Joey Stephens, Wendy Marsh, Christie Mock, and Cleve Kirkland joined up with our class.
The Greg to Diamonds Foundation was formed,
raising 15 dollars for Greg to buy a ring for Jennifer.
This was Mrs. Peterson's first year, and Hold the Phone became a familiar cliche, and Drew earned the name Drewski
Traci continued the war when she and Tywania got into a fight.
New Kids on the Block were hot this year, as Susan, Traci, and Leslie became big fans

Our Sophmore [sic] year soon came, and Driver's Ed was the most dangerous class with Shannon backing into a hill and David driving on the wrong side of the road
Everyone got an A in Chemistry with Mrs. Collins and Mr. Farris
The Fulfords began a road kill tradition when Clay attacked an alligator and took it home.
War raged on as Jennifer and Kecia got into a heated argument, Felicia bodyslammed Wendy, and Misty tried to pluck Amy Bowers.
Drew reminded Mrs. Willis that her literature class was not a sex education class.

Juniors at last, and the saying Hoop! There it is! became famous.
Brian Green began taking the Freedom of Speech a little too far.
Johnny and Wendy became a famous couple coming home from ESJC
Traci Baine lost her necklace at the prom, and only she could find it.
Sherella joined our class this year.

We are now seniors and what a memorable year it has been.
Jan Lolley showed us all her intelligent side when she asked if leather came from animals and what Ray-Bans were.
Misty, Nicki, Beth, Tammy Thomas, Brian, Drew, Daniel, Shane and Wendy got kicked out of JC's haunted house for unknown reasons.
Lydia and Sherella became famous for their great hair.
Felicia, Jackie, Christie, and Tammy Ward became known for their gossip table in ag class.
Cathy King and Brandie Schertal joined our class this year.
Joey, Clay, Wade and Daniel's skateboarding days came to a delay when Officer Morgan pulled them over for riding on the back of Traci's car.
Monty became famous for his quiet little get togethers and Greg's grandmother knew he didn't have the flu.
Greg also went into the remodeling business when he attacked Chris and Chad's cars.
This became the year of the sucker punches, right Michael and David?
Jason Slay joined the I've only got nine toes club this year.
This was the year we set a record for having three Miss Samsons and we even had a Miss Peanut, Jennifer Lambert.
1993 will be remembered as the year of our Bahama Cruise, where Drew found our what Security meant.
The group was known as Eric's Groupies
Brian Green got personal directions to Kentucky

Tonight we graduate, and although our high school years will end, we have made some memories over the years that will never go away.

Up next: The Class of 1993 Last Will and Testament 

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

don't let them rewrite history

Okay. Soapbox time. This is long, sometimes meandering, and I put Biden and his idiot Press Sec on full blast. I also go after other members of the Admin, including Fauci, who is a straight up a** clown. And Trump doesn't go unscathed either.

If you only want to hear what gives you warm fuzzies, keep scrolling.

I just heard a soundbite from the worst Press Sec this country has known in modern times, the esteemed Karine Jean-Pierre. Matches up with the worst POTUS we've had in my lifetime.

So she tells us: "Kids have lost so much in the pandemic. This is why, when the president walked in, he made a priority to open schools one of the things that was important to do"


I am passionate about this -- not only in everything that we were lied to about, including masks, social distancing, vx, vx mandates, lockdowns, and especially school closings, but I'm continually angered by the fact there is no accountability for those who did this to us and worse, their attempts -- and by many the allowing to do so -- of rewriting history.

Do not let them rewrite history. They did this. And they think you are too stupid to remember or understand.

Let me explain.

Trump pushed for the country to be locked down in March of 2020. He was president, and he should have fought harder to open back up within weeks. Heck, I'll even give you "months" for the "we didn't know what we were dealing with" responses.

But by summer, when the data began to come in, when we had a good understand of who was really in danger with Cvd, the country should have opened back up. Didn't hear the data? Thats because a lot of doctors and scientists who had such data were being attacked, suspended, and deplatformed -- we know this because of the lawsuits we are seeing now.

Trump's biggest mistake was not firing Anthony Fauci, who from March 2020, my wife said, "He's a clown. No one should listen to him. But they will."

Because of Fauci, and American Fed of Teachers Randi Weingarten, and other complete idiots in power, schools remained shut down. States had control, but they were being leaned on by the federal government, teachers unions, and the CDC. Oh, and Fauci, who declared "I am the science". It's a circle... Fauci can say he "recommended", and lean on the CDC, and states/schools consult the CDC who tell them what to do, based on Fauci's very strong recommendation.

Do not let them rewrite history.

My kid, for whom online learning is a colossal waste of an attempt, had no structure of schooling for almost 7 months. He's autistic. Lack of structure was devastating for him and for our family.

The school opened later in the fall of 2020, with a demand of masks and distancing. My kid, like many, learns from facial expressions, mouth movements, word structure - and he was deprived of that. We thank God that our area had a summer school for a few hours a day, a few days a week over the summer by a few teachers who understood the urgency and fought for that to happen.

Nonetheless, he regressed. Third grade was not a good year for him, and I know many parents can say the same.

That said, many of us tried to tell all of you that masks were not the safe-haven they were promised. We tried to tell you that "social distancing" was ridiculous and did not work.

When we tried to tell you that kids should have been back in school that August. I even wrote a post about it and was blasted for it.

I was unfriended.

I was taunted.

I got messages about my "reckless statements", one from a nursing student who I worked with a Starbucks, who told me I was a fool and that "your son will be fine missing a little more school until it's safe". Then she blocked me.

Steph and I kept reading, Steph and I kept researching, Steph and I kept trying to find data. My position never changed. Theirs did.

And then Biden took over. Trump, for better or for worse, gave these decisions back to the states (OMG HE'S A TYRANT FACIST!! Shut up. If he was a tyrant fascist, he never would have given control back to the states.)

Biden made everything 100x worse. He derided Trump for the vx, then tried to take credit for it. Then he tried to force corporations to force vx on everyone to come to work, and to make sure every kid was vx'd.

Do not let them rewrite history.

Because we were told if you had the vx, you won't get Cvd.

Then we were told if you had vx and boosters, you won't spread it.

Then we were told if you had it, and more boosters, you might get it, and maybe spread it, but you won't be really sick.

And that they were safe. Completely safe. All of them.

My own family was facing a decision on what to do if my wife, who had just been promoted, was told to get it and whether she would leave. Would we have to hire tutors for our kid because if schools forced it, he couldn't go.


Literally tried to force a medical procedure on EVERYONE, stemming from companies that legally could not be held responsible for the results. People were being censored on social media, accounts banned and suspended for merely asking the questions of "Okay, is this actually right?"

I was DM'd by people I knew and generally liked... called a coward because I wouldn't get the vx.

One conversation asked me "why are you so scared? its been given to millions of people and its safe. And you are responsible for your son and his well-being, so if you dont get it, at least protect him!" Then I was told later that "people are questioning your positions, and wondering if they should even come to you for their trips".

I was called a bad father. I was told that maybe our family shouldn't come around some gatherings because of smaller children that may be present. Our position never changes. Theirs did.

Do not let them rewrite history.

And it turns out... we were right. Masks by and large didn't work. Vx are turning out to be quite the issue for a lot of people (note: i didn't say ALL). And Biden turned around and blamed Trump for the misinformation on the vx, after trying to take credit for it when he thought it was working.

Fauci lied.

Biden lied.

Weingarten lied

Congress lied.

And now... in 2023... they are all trying to tell you it wasn't them. They didn't do it.

Weingarten recently said she pushed for schools to be open as soon as possible. Fauci said that it wasn't him who pushed for any mandates, he only made recommendations. Biden is saying that one of his top priorities was to reopen schools from Day 1.

Those who got the vx and still are happy they did - awesome for you, and I hope it helped you. I don't blame you. You made the decision you thought was right for your family.

I blame this administration for trying to force it on all of us. I blame this administration for trying to take the decision of my family's well being and livelihood out of my own hands.

Do not let them rewrite history.

Remember what they said.

Remember what they did.

Remember what they tried to force all of us to do.

Oh, and hey you people who unfriended and blocked me. My position never changed -- and I was right about all of it.

If you called me a coward and blocked me, please don't send me new friend requests, I will delete them. And have.

Do not let them rewrite history.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

that pyramid book scheme

Facebook is a funny thing -- you'd think after a certain amount of time people would stop falling for the "I am telling Facebook they do not have permission to use my photos, and I'm going to make this known right here in this post so ol' Marky Zuck will see it" hoax that likes to pop up every now and again. Then the person doing the post advises you to not share the post, but instead gives you instructions on how to copy and paste into your own Facebook feed. 

This, as well all know (or most know, as there are some that don't) is false, and Zuckerberg and his META Minions could care less about your declarations of what Facebook can and cannot do -- they have your pics and such, and that's that. 

I think the one that makes me kinda angry are the posts that declare that some big company -- Ford, Chick-Fila, some RV Camper company -- will give away a massive amount of prizes, from free vehicles to free lunches, all you have to do is like the post and share the post and such.  

This is false, and frankly, when I scan these posts and the comments below them, I always see people I know and am FB friends with, and automatically question their intelligence for believing in this utter nonsense -- sure, you are probably smart, but come on... 

Disney, who is usually tagged the most on these and thus makes me the angriest, is NOT awarding you free vacations for liking and sharing their ghetto page titled "DISNEY.WORLD THEME PARK" with just under 8,000 followers and two out of date pics, one of them a hand with chubby hands with nails coated in chipped nail polish holding up a set of park ticket cards that haven't been used since Bob Chapek had a high favorability rating in the company itself. 

If you share these type posts, I make fun of you. Seriously. (also sharing these is a form of phishing, and you are opening up your account and in many cases, other people's accounts to information gathering to all sorts of nefarious companies, so don't ask "What could it hurt" because it could hurt)

But then there is the book exchange. 

You know the one, the one that suddenly pops up and takes over your Facebook feed for a few weeks with your friends and family wanting you to be a part of a program that will garner you reading material for days and weeks. 

 I am looking for people to participate in a huge book exchange!

You can be anywhere in the US!
All you have to do is buy your favorite book (just one) or gift one you own and send it to a stranger! l’ll send their name and address in a private message…
You should then receive roughly 36 books to keep!
An easy option is to order your favorite book from Amazon and have it shipped directly to your person.

This should be fun… And what do you have to lose other than one book!?  

That was actually taken from a post from someone I consider an absolute dollface and a long time friend, so if that's you reading this, I promise, I'm not making fun of you -- that would come if you shared that aforementioned "Free Disney trip!" post.


I am the last person to toss water on someone's joy... but I also don't like that joy to be based on a false premise...

However comma

Let's talk about this Book Exchange program that promises that for the cost of one book, you'll receive up to 36 in return.  That might be idealistic, but hey, what if you get only 18 books in return?  You probably won't like all of them, but if you like 12 of them, you can pass off the other 6 to friends, and now your friends have new books (and they may have a lot of them, because what if they also did the Book Exchange?!) and you have 10 new books to read. 

Say it with me... WHAT COULD IT HURT??? 

While I'm no math scholar, I have yet to figure out how this works, and how you only send 1 book and get 36 in return.  

So to be clear, you spend a little money, then recruit a bunch of friends to spend a little money, and... they in turn recruit friends to spend a little money... and those friends recruit friends to... um... 

Truthfully? That sounds a lot like... a pyramid scheme. A well intentioned one, one that isn't promising untold riches, unless you count the hours of wordy entertainment as untold riches (you can count reading as riches, sure, but you get what I'm saying, right?)

Let's play this out. 

I get six of you in on my Book Exchange (to get 36 books, I have to get 6 people, and they have to all get 6 people) -- Jenn, Kyla, Heather, Amy, Nikki, and Mikey.  Mikey is going to send Star Wars comics, so just ready for that.  

All six of them recruit six people, so we now have 36 people in the mix.  If all of them send me books -- so now I have 36 books, or 35 books and an old copy of Star Wars Old Republic #188 (thanks Mikey).  Because I started this shindig, I made out like a banshee. A reading banshee. Of Inshiren.  Great movie. 

But why would they all send me books?  The instructions are a little vague on most of the posts -- if I recruit 6 people, and they all send me one book, then I have 6 books.  

I've only sent one book, to Kyla (it's a coloring book #BecauseKyla) as per the instructions, so the rest are bookless? They send out a book to someone else, and that person... sends a book to someone else?  Where does the 36 come from? 

Also, let's not forget the fact that as this begins to spread, with me sending books to a stranger, I now have in my hands someone's address, someone I do not know, nor do they know me. Which means someone, or someones plural, have my address... in the day and age of Instagram and TikTok and other social platforms, the information super highway is littered with vehicles of personal data, but are we willingly just tossing it out there in this? 

Here's an explanation from, and I'll toss in some names to help make it more personal:

When user A (let's say "Nikki") messages user B (d$) on who's account the Book Exchange post appeared, making Nikki excited because she's a rampant reader... Nikki tells d$ she wants to participate in the exchange, so d$ provides Nikki with two addresses, one for Nikki to mail a book to and one to pass onto Nikki's followers that end up wanting to take part once Nikki posts the Book Exchange post on her own feed.  

Wait. What? 

Here's what had to say:

The number of recruits needed at increasing levels forms a geometric series (6, 6², 6³, 6⁴ …). It starts with 1 person but just 8 levels down, it requires more than 1.6 MILLION people to keep it going.

So... yeah. 

In my pretend Book Exchange, if it works like it's supposed to (and really, does anyone know how its supposed to work?) I'll get 36 books... but by the time you get a few layers down, people are sending books and getting nothing back.  People at the top get the goods, people at the bottom don't. 

Also called "A Pyramid Scheme".  

Or Biden's economy, but again, I digress.  

Honestly, the idea that you will recruit 6 people to send books, and those people will recruit 6, and those people will recruit 6 is far fetched -- I mean, I can't get some of you people to like my Disney Instagram (@TheMagiconaDollar  and the only commitment there is a click to Follow which results in endless digital pixie dust).

Part of me wants to join a Book Exchange to see what happens because it might make for good material. In fact, I think I'll do that.

Having said all that... let's recap...

  • Facebook is not going to care about your permission given or taken away when it comes to pictures, no matter what you say in your post
  • Disney, Ford, Chick-fila or other companies are not going to give you free stuff by sharing the post
  • Book Exchanges don't work. 

Happy reading.