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I'm David.  I'm a 40s something dude who is a bit quirky, has a thick head of hair that grows wild unless its properly gelled, and sends people to Disney vacations for a living (and I'm okay with that... for now)... and have a beautiful wife--The Lovely Steph Leann--and an awesome kid, the young Campbell Isaiah, aka Pocket Change (his rap name)

Born in Orlando, Florida, I lived in Austin Texas until 1984, moved to Samson in October, then went to and graduated from Samson High School in 1993.  Went to school at Troy (State) University, graduated in 1998 and moved to Birmingham in August of that same year.

So here we are, huh?  Well, here's

I am someone who digs:

Walt Disney World.  Been many, many times, and as a certified Disney Travel Planner, I love helping people go for the first, or fiftieth, time.

College football. I've run a football prognostication game for 20 years now, with over 40 members, and am looking forward to Season XXIII.   I root for Troy and for the Florida Gators, though I live in a family that is diehard Alabama.

Lists and ranking things.  I have a list of my favorite 500 films of all time, ranked in order, as well as my favorite 100 albums, and am in the early stages of making my favorite 250 songs of all time.

Food.  Sweet potato casserole is my favorite, and I'm a connoisseur.  Cheesecake of practically any kinds also makes me happy.

90s music.  I contend that 1990 thru 1995 is the greatest period of music, ever.  Ever. 

Hootie & the Blowfish.  Also, The Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel, Elton John, Alison Krauss, Jennifer Knapp and dcTalk.

me and my favorite princess, Rapunzel
And, also...

I dig Amy Adams (whom I'm in love with)... I dig craptastic movies... I dig my buddies Mikey and best mate Wookiee... I dig laughing... I dig writing... I dig tennis... I dig a good bathroom visit with a new issue of Entertainment Weekly (too much?)... I dig audiobooks... I dig Harry Potter... I dig Facebook... I dig my iPod 160g classic... I dig Tinkerbell... I dig Rapunzel (my favorite Disney princess)...  and I dig the word "dig"...

And so, there I am.  I'm really not that interesting, I just put up a good front... sometimes, anyway...

This blog was started back in 2005, mostly just to keep up with a group of us that were headed to New York City on a mission trip. My church wanted a first hand report, so me, being the writer, volunteered. To get my feet wet, I practiced a little, blogging about Kelly Clarkson, blogging about movies, blogging about Disney, blogging about my love of Harry Potter and how difficult it is when the books are over, blogging about my drama team and so on... then, of course, blogging about the mission trip.

And after the trip? I thought, "Hmm, why not blog a little more?" So I did, though sporadically. By the end of the year, however, I was really into it... I'd like to think that I've gotten better from then until now, though that's all up to your opinion.

This past May 2019, I actually crossed 550,000 page loads... and no, I'm not hitting "refresh" over and over.  By the 9,755th time I did that, I got tired.  Anyway, I'm so I'm very excited that I'm being read.

Anyway, I hope that you come back, and I hope that you spend some time looking around the site... and visit the blogroll for some other great sites you might not know about.


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  1. I happened to stumble upon your blog here when I was searching for the phone number of Sikes and Kohn surprisingly. So I clicked on the site and quickly realized it was a blog instead, but the title "Curse of Sikes & Kohn" was interesting. So I started reading the story beginning with Six Flags and ending with abandoned gas station. It was all enjoyable nice writing. So I just wanted to ask, what did you major in at Troy? (As I am currently a senior here)

    1. Just saw this... Im sorry it took a while to reply! So, I majored in Broadcast Communications with a focus on Journalism, and minored in theater and sign language... and I'm glad you found the blog. I learned if you want people to find your blog, you should use searchable key words in the title... hence, the Sikes & Kohn's post is one of the most read, popular posts I've ever had...

  2. This is hilarious! Wonder what my "first law of dating" was at the time??? Email me, if you get a chance, would love to catch up with my disaster date and his lovely family. Ginny

    1. on FB as ginny kochan-lovett

    2. I just reformatted this page, so I just realized you wrote a note... so... I tried to add you on FB and you don't have an add available. so, add me!


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