Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Happy National Podcast Day.  I had no clue this was Podcast Day until I saw a post from my buddy Clay Shaver, who posted something promoting some other podcasts on Facebook. 

Since I left Starbucks a year ago... and wow, it's been almost 11 months... and have taken a desk job, I literally have anywhere from 7 to 9, sometimes 10 hours per day of time when I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts... if I don't, I might go crazy.

The Non-Disney Podcasts that I listen to on a daily/weekly basis
It makes me think back to those long days at Parisian Corp or NBC 13, when I sat at a desk, inputting data and such, and had nothing to think about but my own thoughts.  A decade later, the 160g iPod is loaded with over 130 episodes of over 30 different podcasts. So in honor of National Podcast Day, I thought I'd give you a quick run down of the podcasts I listen to daily, or weekly...

First, shameless plug... check out The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, the movie podcast that I co-host with my pal Mikey and our Movie Padawan P!nky... give us a listen, we would appreciate it.  If you like movies, I think you'd like our show...

Now, back to the lecture at hand...

These are in no particular order...

Talk Show/Social Commentary Podcasts...

The Rush Limbaugh Show... Yep.  It's daily.  And anyone who hates Rush has probably never listened to the show for more than an hour or so, then is told what to think by Jon Stewart or Anderson Cooper. But that's another story.  (weekdays, an hour and 45 minutes to get through all three parts)

The Adam Carolla Show... Language is strong here, but it's usually very funny.  Typically has actors and comedians as guests, but the show staff is also great. (weekdays, 90 minutes average)

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend... The gorgeous Alison is the "news girl" for Adam Carolla, and has her own show... the Monday show is her "interview" show, where she has deep conversations with other Hollywood types, while the Thursday show is a roundtable of personalities and Carolla show producers, and I, like many fans, find the Thursday show to be the best one.  One of my top three shows.  (Monday and Thursday, both shows run about 90 minutes)

Sorry Not Sorry... Comedian Jenna Kim Jones hosts this very clean, comical show with her husband, and at 30 minutes, its a great little conversation about life and her Mormon faith.  (sporadic, about a 1/2 hour per episode)


ESPN's Pardon the Interruption... Usually the first 'cast of the day, it's the 20 minute replay from the previous episode of PTI with Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser (weekdays)

ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning... Its a "best of" show featuring the two Mikes--Golic and Greenberg--and taking 45-60 minutes of the best stuff from that morning's show (weekdays)

The BS Report with Bill Simmons... I've been a fan of Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, for at least 12 years, back when he was simply The Boston Sports Guy.  I usually enjoy this show, though when he dives into too much fantasy stuff, or pop culture stuff that I'm not into (like shows about Game of Thrones), I'll skip the episode.  He's on suspension now, so what unfolds in a few weeks will be quite interesting... (a few times per week, usually an hour to 1:15 or so)

ESPN Championship Drive... It's the best college football podcast out there, discussing the previous weekend and the upcoming games as well (weekdays, 45-60 minutes)

The Dave Dameshek Show... The NFL Network's Dameshek is funny, if not a little annoying sometimes, but it's a great NFL recap and preview (twice a week, 45-60 minutes)

Mark Out Loud... Yep, its a wrestling show, but hosts Steve Glosson and Dave Jones are the best kind of hosts... they are fans first, and hosts second.  (a few times per month, around 2 hours per episode)

The Steve Austin Podcast & Talk is Jericho... Two different shows, with Steven Austin and Chris Jericho hosting their respective podcasts.  Both are funny, different styles, and usually have actors, musicians and many times, former wrestlers on their shows.  Jericho's show with Edge and Paul Heyman (Episode #50) was hands down one of the best podcast episodes I've ever heard.  Austin is Tuesday & Thursday, with Tuesday being the "clean show" and Thursday being the "unleashed (re: language filled) show... Jericho is Wednesday and Friday, and both are mostly family friendly.  (Both shows run about an hour to an 1:15 each)


Doug Loves Movies... Host Doug Benson, a complete stoner, hosts the game show podcast where various celebrities and comedians come on to play a round of "The Leonard Maltin Game", just one of several movie games.  This is in my top three favorite shows.  He also does "Doug Loves Minis", a quick 10-15 minute show with snippets from smaller games at comedy clubs.  (once or twice per week, 60-90 minutes per show)

The Film Vault... One of the podcasts I've been listening to the longest, Bald Bryan Bishop, sound effect guy on the Adam Carolla Show, teams with Anderson Cowen, co-host of The After Disaster Podcast (which I've never listened to), and they do a great movie show with a theme, a top five and lots of language filled banter. 

The Popcast... Jamie Golden of Jamie's Rabbits Blog and Knox McCoy team up to give an hour's worth of snark and wit in discussing Hollywood, television, trends and the goings on in the pop culturey world.  I disagree with some of their choices, and fully endorse others... it's a show I wish I could be on! (weekly or so, an hour-ish)

TechnoRetro Dads... Family men and friends Shaz and Jedi Shua are the hosts of this wildly entertaining trip down nostalgic lane, in discussing lots of Star Wars and other geeky things.  (weekly, 77 minutes per show)

Car Talk... Everyone knows about Car Talk, but what you may not know is, these guys retired some years ago.  Yet, they've done enough material on their shows that the segments can be replayed without repeating, once a week for another 6 or 7 years.  Highly entertaining.  (Saturdays, 60 minutes per show)

Five Minutes With Dad... Dad Nick Pavlidis has his 5 year old son, Pavlos, on every week to talk about... whatever.  Its short, its funny and it's really kinda sweet.  (weekly, 5-10 minutes per episode.)


The Dis Unplugged... Probably the best show out there because of how simply unbiased it is.  Host Pete Werner seems like he's a little angry all the time, but the rest of the cast balances him out.  And on the panel is Jeni Lynn, and she's just delightful.  With a different cast, they also have the Dis Unplugged Disneyland Edition and the Dis Unplugged Universal Show, both very informative and entertaining.  (all during the week, each show runs about an hour or so)

Inside the Magic... Host Ricky Brigante brings this show every week like clockwork, first with Disney and area news, then many times interviews, trip reports, various reviews and so on, before wrapping it up with listener feedback.  (Sunday nights, usually, about an hour long)

Disney Vault Talk... A premise I wish I had thought of.  Steve Glosson (from the Mark Out Loud show, a member of the Geek Out Loud podcast lineup) and spunky Teresa Delgado started with Snow White, and each show is dedicated to the next Disney animated classic.  Just finished with Make Mine Music, and Fun and Fancy Free is next... but half the show is reader emails, talking about Disney and so on--quite entertaining.  (a few times per month, show runs around 2 hours)

Be Our Guest Podcast... Host Mike Rahmann and his co-horts Rikki and Pam dish up all the latest and greatest at Disney World in a fun little show, with the Wednesday show usually being just listener emails.  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 30-45 minutes each)

WDW Today... Another roundtable discussion, in the vein of Dis Unplugged, with a few long time Disney fans, including Len Testa, who co-wrote the Unofficial Guide to WDW that comes out every year (I have my copy already for 2015).  (a few times per week, 30-45 minutes each)

WDW Radio... Host Lou Mongello is beloved among Disney fans, as his booming voice and strong personality lends itself to an entertaining show. He'll usually do one regular news show about the happenings at the parks, then other shows are topic-specific, from "best snacks at Epcot" to "the nooks and crannies of Hollywood Studios".  (weekly or so, 30 minutes for regular shows, an hour or more for topical shows)

Skywalking Thru Neverland... Rich and Sarah, hubby and wife, take a geeked out look at Star Wars and Disney, and honestly, I could listen to Sarah laugh for hours.  They are fun together.  (weekly, 60-90 minutes shows)


The Remodeling Clay Podcast... Can't say enough about this dude.  Weighed over 400 pounds, lost over half his body weight (he lost like, the Olsen twins, and some of another one) and is dedicated to helping people "Becoming the Best Version of You".  Clay is a no-nonsense, yet still has some sarcastic fun, solid host.  (1-2 times per week, 30-45 minute shows)

The Live Your List Podcast... Two guys who's passion is for your to live out your bucket list.  They talk to authors and leaders from all fields on everything from time management to finding your passion.  (1-2 times per week, 30 minutes usually)

The Dave Ramsey Show... You know who this is.  And it's an hour from his daily show (daily, 45 minutes)

So there's my list.  In the morning, I usually listen to ESPN PTI first... then, if it's Monday or Thursday, I listen to Alison Rosen.  Rush Limbaugh is next... if a Doug Loves Movies is available, that's next up, but if not, I go to The Adam Carolla Show.  I'll next take on Live Your List and Remodeling Clay, followed by Disney casts like Dis Unplugged, WDW Today, WDW News and a few others.  After lunch, a sports block of Mike & Mike, Championship Drive and The BS Report.  This will take me to mid-afternoon, then I listen to the podcasts I have left, including Dave Ramsey, Five Minutes with Dad, Y2J and Steve Austin, then anything else outstanding.  That will get me home... and at night, I'll finish up any casts left, or dive into an audiobook when I'm doing dishes, running errands or the like.

What podcasts do I need to pick up, do you think?

Monday, September 29, 2014

can we still be friends?

Good gravy it's been six weeks.  My last post, which you can probably scroll and see, or click here, is a satirical, enjoyable poke at the political correctness of college football team names.

For a writer like myself, here's what happens when I go weeks upon weeks without blogging anything, I suddenly find myself not wanting to look at the page.  Like, I don't want to see how readership has dropped, I don't want to know what has been lost since I've been away.  And that's what happened here.  I haven't even looked at Clouds in My Coffee since mid-August.  But if I don't post today, then I'll probably not get it to it this week.

My buddy Rick Theule says simply that if you are a writer, and you don't write, then you lose a little something in your writing.   And I probably have.

As a matter of fact, this post is probably pretty boring and lame.  But that's okay.  I'm not even going to promote it.  I'm not going to put it anywhere that I posted.  I'm going to just write it here, and leave it, so I'll have a post.  Finally, another post. 

I've been busy...

...so busy... with Disney, with Campbell Isaiah, with life in general...

...but I've missed you, Clouds.  And I've missed you, dear reader.  And I appreciate you every time you load the page.

Can we still be friends, if I promise to come back more often, with more good stuff? 

Hope so.