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100 Coolest Things... #70 - 61

100 Coolest Things of 2006
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70. Grey’s Anatomy
It started as a simple little midseason show in March of 2005, replacing “Boston Legal” on Sunday nights just for a few weeks… and ended up forcing Boston Legal out of its own time slot. Consistently one of the top five shows of the week, including beating CSI regularly, Grey’s Anatomy is everything you want in a guilty pleasure. Set in the Seattle Grace Hospital, we watch the live and love of Meredith Grey, as she loves and hates McDreamy, we watch Christina and Burke on-again, off-again, Stephanie loves watching George and Bailey, while mine own eyes remain fixed upon Izzie. Its just addicting.

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Burke, Meredith, McDreamy, Addison, Alex, George, Bailey, the important hospital guy, and in front, my favorites Christina and Izzie

69. Survivor Cook Islands
Survivor is truly hit or miss now… when it misses, it misses big, being just plain boring sometimes. But when it hits… watch out. And it hit this season, on the Cook Islands. Initially it was four tribes divided by race, black, white, Asian and Hispanic, but it seemed like CBS bowed to pressure after two episodes, merging the tribes almost immediately. Looks like they gave in. Then… the mutiny happened, when Jonathan and Candice betrayed their tribe… then Jonathan betrayed his new tribe… Ozzy climbed everything and outperformed everyone… Parvati looked like she had a smile the size of my left front tire… Becky rode coattails… and all the while, Yul, one of the coolest players to come along in a while, calculated and watched… and won. Good times.

68. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Stephanie loved The West Wing, and even though I tried to watch it, I just couldn’t get past the flamin’ liberal part of it. And Studio 60 has been called “The Television West Wing”… (its about the behind the scenes at a SNLesque type show) and perhaps it is. But it’s new to me, and I love it. Its fun to watch Matthew Perry actually do something besides Chandler Bing, while Steph loves watching Bradley Whitford (he sits as the vice –president of Stephanie’s Colin Firth Memorial of Good Lookin’ Men, who claims such members like Pierce Brosnan and McDreamy himself). But Sarah Paulson is also a marvel to watch… she plays Harriet, a Christian actress who’s on-again-off-again relationship with Matt (Perry) is gossip for the show. Its actually refreshing to watch a Christian character be played with spunk, instead of the dork of the group. Of course, Sarah Paulson has her own un-believing style, but we’ll take the win. Reportedly, the character is based on Kristin Chenoweth, a real life singer/actress, and Believer, who had a one time relationship with Aaron Sorkin, creator of West Wing and Studio 60.

67. Zaxby’s
Just had the Wings N Things meal, with chicken wings, chicken fingers, fries and toast. I feel like I’m going to throw up. I love it.

66. The DFC VII
Just like he did twice in years past, Tad Roose took home the Brook DeRamus Championship Plate again. He also walked away with the hardware for the Most Valuable Player, along with the South Central Division title. But this season was still fun, despite Tad’s dominance, watching a whole crop of rookies like Gary “The Idol” Eubanks and Zack Graves try to make the playoffs (they did), and watching Michael Nipp try to return to form and Tyler Campbell try to make the postseason for the first time (they didn’t). Next stop… Deuce Madness ’07, then onto DFC VIII!

65. The Rozerem Sleeping Ad
Guy dreams that he walks into a kitchen, only to be met by Abraham Lincoln and a Beaver, eating pie, sitting there talking to him, asking him to play cards. The Beaver says, pointing to Lincoln, “He cheats”. Lincoln looks appalled, retorting “Uh, hello! Honest Abe!” and the Beaver rolls his eyes, muttering dryly, “Whatever.” And of course, the deep sea diver in the background is just there. I love it. Cracks me up.

64. The Fray
Maybe their songs do kinda sound alike, but heck, so does Nickelback and they sold, what, four million albums? I don’t know anyone who owns one, but still… anyway, “How to Save a Live” and “Over My Head” are two fine songs on my iPod, and any songs that pleases me to get stuck in my head is okay in my book. Its good, solid rock music, not too heavy, not to Boltonish, just enough scratch in the voice to make it worthwhile.

63. Sandra Oh
Its been fun watching her career. I think it took Grey’s Anatomy, though, for me to appreciate the fact I really like Sandra Oh. Don’t ask me why. My pal Jenni D in NYC basically asked me, “Really?” in a “what the heck?” tone of email. Dunno. Anyway, I’ve seen her in countless movies (The Princess Diaries, Under the Tuscan Sun, and even Arli$$) and I just thought it was time to recognize that yes, Sandra Oh, you are cool in my book.

62. Monster House
How much fun was this movie?! Stephanie and I saw it at the $1 theater nearby, and though it boasts a host of famous voices (Jason Lee, my dear Maggie, Napoleon Dynamite), the three main characters—DJ, Jenny and an absolutely hysterical Chowder--are no-names, which is just fantastic—you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in Robin Williams’ frantic pace or anything. The story is that two buddies are wary of a house across the street, one house owned by Old Man Nebbercracker. You don’t step on Nebbercracker’s lawn for fear of being eaten… by the house. When the old man croaks as a result of DJ’s and Chowder’s goofing around, the house isn’t happy. Well, it’s a Monster House. And it makes for a very, very cool, underrated movie.

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Take a bottle of Coca-Cola Classic, add some coffee and what do you have? McGriddle Magic.

61. Coke BlaK
I call it “The McGriddle Effect”. Ever had a McDonald’s McGriddle? Its weird. You can distinctly taste both the pancake syrup and the sausage at the same time, its like there is no melding of flavors. Almost as if parts of your mouth are chewing something totally different. The same with Coke BlaK… you taste coffee. You taste Coke. You don’t taste coffeecoke or Coke Coffee… and like the McGriddle, its either the worst thing I’ve ever had, or the most delicious discovery in a long while. Of course, I haven’t had a McGriddle in years, but I drink Coke BlaK every time I see it available.

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