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100 Coolest Things... #s80 - 71

100 - 91... including Michelle Malkin, The Brand New Heavies and Casino Royale
90 - 81... including Jo Dee Messina, Wordjong and Howie Mandel

80. Courtney the Stairstep Child
Up in Stamford, CT, we had the chance to work with Landon Reesor, pastor of Encounter Church. Working for/with him was Alan, who had his family, including Courtney. She was 15, a bundle of fun and I thought she was just great… I hope little Lorelei turns out like this. Here’s to you, Stairstep.

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Courtney and her three younger brothes are all a few years apart, as well as a few inches apart... hence, the name "Stairstep"

79. Little Black Book
This is a little seen romantic comedy from XXXX, starring Brittany Murphy, who I still can’t help but identify as the big chick from “Clueless”. Stumbled upon this silly little movie, also starring Holly Hunter and Kathy Bates (both Oscar winners, mind you) and Peter Gibbons from Office Space, and was just transfixed. The plot is goofy, the acting is eh, but its just fun. I actually bought it on dvd for what, four bucks? And, it helped me decide on #75 below.

78. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor
For me, Superman Returns wasn’t all that. Perhaps I wanted more, perhaps I expected better, I dunno… either way, Brandon Routh just didn’t cut it for me as Clark or Supes. But Spacey? Marvelous. Absolutely brilliant… you can tell in every scene he’s just chewing up his scenes in a “I’m having more fun with this than anyone intended” kinda way. Watching Kal Penn and Parker Posey have nothing to do is kinda fun too, but Kevin Spacey rocks.

77. Evan Mallard
Work with her at Starbucks, and all I can say is, I ell oh vee eee this chick.

76. Cingular “Dropped Call” Ads
Here’s the set up… someone is having a very important conversation, like a guy talking to his chick. Something crucial is said, like “I’m just glad I’m the only man in your world”, and then everything goes silent, leading the guy to say “I am the only man in your world, right? (pause) Is it Earl?” It’s an ad for Cingular and how they have the fewest dropped calls of any service, but the best part is at the end, when he says “Cat got your tongue? Earl got your tongue?” Cracks me up.

75. Carly Simon
Little Black Book, listed above as the 79th coolest thing about 2006, featured music almost entirely by Carly Simon, a very popular artist in the 70s, and a semi-popular artist in the 80s. Now she’s filed away with Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpenters, Bread and the like as singers & bands who had some good stuff that you listen to when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic. But I decided, on a whim, to check out a Carly Simon Greatest Hits cd from the Hoover Public Library… and loved it. “You’re So Vain” has always been a classic, but “Anticipation”, “You Belong to Me” and even “Coming Around Again” just make me happy in a “I’m too old to care what you think about me, so there” kind of way.

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Wide mouth and all, does a liking for Carly Simon qualify as a "Guilty Pleasure"?

74. Maggie Gyllenhaal
Sister of Jake Gyllenhaal, I didn’t know much about her and had never really paid much attention to her until “Stranger than Fiction”. She was feisty, she had a goofy tattoo on her arm and she was fun, beaming onscreen and making the movie worthwhile. And I realized, I really like her. I really do. I thought back to other movies she had been in, including an underrated role in "World Trade Center" and a voice in "Monster House", and honestly, I liked her in everything I’ve seen.

73. Dustin & Kandice from the Amazing Race
On the surface, you’d think “oh, you like ‘em cause their hot”, and honestly, no. Didn’t really think they were all that attractive, to tell you the truth—I liked them because they were competitive, and mostly because no one else liked them… and the reasons others gave for no one liking them? “They won’t quit!” “They keep coming at you!” “They play so hard!” How can you not like someone because they won’t let you win? That’s just silly.

72. “Night at the Museum”
What a fun movie! We got to see it on Christmas Day, at the Rave, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Ben Stiller is a dad who can’t hold a job for anything, and is forced to take a low-end security job at an art museum to prove he’s fit enough to see his son. At night, however, strange things happen in the museum… like Teddy Roosevelt riding through the halls, a T-Rex skeleton who wants to play fetch, and a hilarious war that keeps breaking out between the Old West Cowboy Exhibit and the Roman Empire Exhibit. Not too preachy, just silly enough to be fun, I highly recommend this flick as a great way to munch popcorn and kill an afternoon.

71. Valleydale’s Dinner Theater
For three days at the end of November, Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) held court in the upstairs theater, featuring three skits and a short musical presentation, and I got to be part of it. It was great to get to know some different people in the church, it was awesome watching the talents of others, and it was fun watching Larry Waters as grandpa, who truly had some of the best lines in the entire thing. Oh, and Meredith Watkins voice? The only word I can find is “pure”. The show was great and I was happy with my ten lines.

Up next... #70 thru 61

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  1. So, do you ever think that Carly Simon looks like Steven Tyler? Maybe it's the nose and mouth.


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