Wednesday, May 03, 2023

don't let them rewrite history

Okay. Soapbox time. This is long, sometimes meandering, and I put Biden and his idiot Press Sec on full blast. I also go after other members of the Admin, including Fauci, who is a straight up a** clown. And Trump doesn't go unscathed either.

If you only want to hear what gives you warm fuzzies, keep scrolling.

I just heard a soundbite from the worst Press Sec this country has known in modern times, the esteemed Karine Jean-Pierre. Matches up with the worst POTUS we've had in my lifetime.

So she tells us: "Kids have lost so much in the pandemic. This is why, when the president walked in, he made a priority to open schools one of the things that was important to do"


I am passionate about this -- not only in everything that we were lied to about, including masks, social distancing, vx, vx mandates, lockdowns, and especially school closings, but I'm continually angered by the fact there is no accountability for those who did this to us and worse, their attempts -- and by many the allowing to do so -- of rewriting history.

Do not let them rewrite history. They did this. And they think you are too stupid to remember or understand.

Let me explain.

Trump pushed for the country to be locked down in March of 2020. He was president, and he should have fought harder to open back up within weeks. Heck, I'll even give you "months" for the "we didn't know what we were dealing with" responses.

But by summer, when the data began to come in, when we had a good understand of who was really in danger with Cvd, the country should have opened back up. Didn't hear the data? Thats because a lot of doctors and scientists who had such data were being attacked, suspended, and deplatformed -- we know this because of the lawsuits we are seeing now.

Trump's biggest mistake was not firing Anthony Fauci, who from March 2020, my wife said, "He's a clown. No one should listen to him. But they will."

Because of Fauci, and American Fed of Teachers Randi Weingarten, and other complete idiots in power, schools remained shut down. States had control, but they were being leaned on by the federal government, teachers unions, and the CDC. Oh, and Fauci, who declared "I am the science". It's a circle... Fauci can say he "recommended", and lean on the CDC, and states/schools consult the CDC who tell them what to do, based on Fauci's very strong recommendation.

Do not let them rewrite history.

My kid, for whom online learning is a colossal waste of an attempt, had no structure of schooling for almost 7 months. He's autistic. Lack of structure was devastating for him and for our family.

The school opened later in the fall of 2020, with a demand of masks and distancing. My kid, like many, learns from facial expressions, mouth movements, word structure - and he was deprived of that. We thank God that our area had a summer school for a few hours a day, a few days a week over the summer by a few teachers who understood the urgency and fought for that to happen.

Nonetheless, he regressed. Third grade was not a good year for him, and I know many parents can say the same.

That said, many of us tried to tell all of you that masks were not the safe-haven they were promised. We tried to tell you that "social distancing" was ridiculous and did not work.

When we tried to tell you that kids should have been back in school that August. I even wrote a post about it and was blasted for it.

I was unfriended.

I was taunted.

I got messages about my "reckless statements", one from a nursing student who I worked with a Starbucks, who told me I was a fool and that "your son will be fine missing a little more school until it's safe". Then she blocked me.

Steph and I kept reading, Steph and I kept researching, Steph and I kept trying to find data. My position never changed. Theirs did.

And then Biden took over. Trump, for better or for worse, gave these decisions back to the states (OMG HE'S A TYRANT FACIST!! Shut up. If he was a tyrant fascist, he never would have given control back to the states.)

Biden made everything 100x worse. He derided Trump for the vx, then tried to take credit for it. Then he tried to force corporations to force vx on everyone to come to work, and to make sure every kid was vx'd.

Do not let them rewrite history.

Because we were told if you had the vx, you won't get Cvd.

Then we were told if you had vx and boosters, you won't spread it.

Then we were told if you had it, and more boosters, you might get it, and maybe spread it, but you won't be really sick.

And that they were safe. Completely safe. All of them.

My own family was facing a decision on what to do if my wife, who had just been promoted, was told to get it and whether she would leave. Would we have to hire tutors for our kid because if schools forced it, he couldn't go.


Literally tried to force a medical procedure on EVERYONE, stemming from companies that legally could not be held responsible for the results. People were being censored on social media, accounts banned and suspended for merely asking the questions of "Okay, is this actually right?"

I was DM'd by people I knew and generally liked... called a coward because I wouldn't get the vx.

One conversation asked me "why are you so scared? its been given to millions of people and its safe. And you are responsible for your son and his well-being, so if you dont get it, at least protect him!" Then I was told later that "people are questioning your positions, and wondering if they should even come to you for their trips".

I was called a bad father. I was told that maybe our family shouldn't come around some gatherings because of smaller children that may be present. Our position never changes. Theirs did.

Do not let them rewrite history.

And it turns out... we were right. Masks by and large didn't work. Vx are turning out to be quite the issue for a lot of people (note: i didn't say ALL). And Biden turned around and blamed Trump for the misinformation on the vx, after trying to take credit for it when he thought it was working.

Fauci lied.

Biden lied.

Weingarten lied

Congress lied.

And now... in 2023... they are all trying to tell you it wasn't them. They didn't do it.

Weingarten recently said she pushed for schools to be open as soon as possible. Fauci said that it wasn't him who pushed for any mandates, he only made recommendations. Biden is saying that one of his top priorities was to reopen schools from Day 1.

Those who got the vx and still are happy they did - awesome for you, and I hope it helped you. I don't blame you. You made the decision you thought was right for your family.

I blame this administration for trying to force it on all of us. I blame this administration for trying to take the decision of my family's well being and livelihood out of my own hands.

Do not let them rewrite history.

Remember what they said.

Remember what they did.

Remember what they tried to force all of us to do.

Oh, and hey you people who unfriended and blocked me. My position never changed -- and I was right about all of it.

If you called me a coward and blocked me, please don't send me new friend requests, I will delete them. And have.

Do not let them rewrite history.

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