Thursday, December 01, 2011

Be My, Be My Baby (be my little baby...)

So I wanted to use a song with the word "Baby" in the title, and thought The Ronettes classic was as good as any.  I considered Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" and even TLC's "Baby Baby Baby", but "Be My Baby" is better.

And for those of you thinking, "Oh geez, another list he isn't going to finish...", speaking of The 100 Greatest Songs of the 2000s, never fear, my dear my dear, as I have finished it.  I've written the entire thing, and was going to finish my links, pics and videos on it, and give it a few tweaks when...

"Hey," I answered the phone when it rang.
"Uh..." came the other voice, belonging to The Lovely Steph Leann, "So, my doctors appointment was today, right...?"
"Yeah.  Did you miss it or something?"
"No, I'm still here.  As a matter of fact, the doctor told me that I can't go home.  They are wheeling me down to Labor and Delivery."
"What?!  Like, right now?"
"Yup.  Like, right now, I'm in a wheelchair, and I'm being taken downstairs.  The baby comes tonight or tomorrow."

Looking at my calendar, I notice that its Wednesday, November 30th, NOT Saturday, December 17th... as in, our due date was 12/17, not 11/30.  Or even 12/1.  So, Fiddy Cent is something like two and a half weeks early.

"So, do I need to come down there now?  What do I do?"
"Well, wait until I get settled in Labor and Delivery.  I'll call you back and tell you if I'm for sure staying, or they are sending me home."

402p and 14 seconds to 402p and 17 seconds
Here are my complete thoughts.

Like holy cow the nursery isnt ready did you see john and ashley wolf's nursery for evalie it was like done two months before she even showed up and we still have a futon couch in our nursery that has to be moved but it cant be moved yet because of all the stuff in the hallway to be sorted through donated recycled and thrown out and we still dont have all of our stuff yet i mean we bought a stroller last night but its still in the back of stephs car unassembled with the car seat so we dont even have a stinking car seat in workable use just yet and apparently we have to have a base for it to go in our car and it has to be installed to be safe what is up with that but it doesnt matter because we dont have it even put together much less installed and survivor is on tonight guess i will miss it though its getting good and we are supposed to get a baby monitor from a family that pledged to buy us one but they haven't bought it yet so do we go ahead and buy it or wait it out because i think it would be rude to say something to them but we kinda need to know and craig campbell what the heck is the bernie dance never heard of it and holy crap my wife might be having a baby right now she is having a baby soon but what if its right now do i want a boy boys are smelly and stinky but drama free for the most part or do i want a girl girls are full of drama and gossip but they smell like lavender and are much more likely to enjoy watching meet me in st louis with her daddy and what if our kid doesnt like disney stuff i mean we can force it on him her whoever but that doesnt mean they will be genetically inclined to like it and i dont even have a tree up yet and there are still like four bouncy seat play pen things up in the uncompleted nursery that aren't even put together yet and did you know there are like nineteen different kinds of bottle nipples that word makes me giggle because im a boy and stephanie is having a baby holy cow we aren't even ready for this...

I start making a mad dash around the house, preparing an overnight bag, not sure what to take and what not to take.  Do I take some of the kids clothes?  I want my first pics of this kid to be in something cool, like the Rocky Balboa onesie I bought for Campbell Isaiah, or the pink princessy job I got for Lorelei Addison, not some drab hospital issued whatever.  What do I take for myself?  Am I coming back?  Will I be able to?

Phone rings.  Its The Lovely Steph Leann.  And the orders are simply, "Come on down.  Dr. Babysnatcher will be in the room in a little while for an update.  I'd like to have you with me."  Yes ma'am!  So, I toss a few more things into the back, including toothbrushes and pastes and clothes and so on and so forth, and shoot out the door.

Now, before I go calling anyone and everyone, I want to make sure this isn't a false alarm or anything.  Don't want Melanie giving away all my own hours at work only to find out Saturday that, yes, I need those hours back, whoops.

In Room 8 of Labor and Delivery.  The Lovely Steph Leann is in the bed next to me, IV in her arm, shooting up magnesium like a boss, and Dr. Babysnatcher comes in.  And yes, this baby is coming tonight.  Or tomorrow.  Probably tomorrow.  But possibly tonight.  Holy crap.

I do get in touch with a few people, including my manager (and best friend) Melanie.  Within a few minutes, she replies back that she's got my shifts covered at work already.  And this is why she rules.  Well, that, and she's gorgeous.  That helps.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, the baby...

The plans are made.  I am going to go out again, get my own self some dinner, come back to The Cabana and get some stuff that I forgot to get for her, then go get her some dinner.  Her mom will come and stay the night with her, and I'll get a few hours of sleep and be back early tomorrow morning (yes, thats in about five hours, sue me)

Finally actually leaving the hospital

Walking around The Cabana, gathering necessary supplies, thinking to myself, "Wow.  So, this will be the last evening I'll spend here without a kid down the hall."  I fail to give myself the reproachful look that she gave me when I told this to her.

Sitting at Chick-fila, eating a chicken sandwich, observing that I'll make it back to the hospital by 9, which is important, because some of the main doors at the Women's Center are locked at 9p, and you have to use a different entrance and a separate parking area.  This is good.

Get a call from Mama Ruthless, the mom-in-law and soon to be grandmother for the 3rd time.  I gotta go pick her up and take her to the hospital.  This kills my 9p plan.  Sighing, I agree, and go back to eating my sandwich.

Arrive at the In-Laws house.  See Mama Ruthless, thinking there's an outside shot we might make it still.

Seeing her get into the vehicle, and realizing that there's no shot that we might make that 9pm cutoff

Pull up at Brookwood After Hours entrance.  Drop off, unload, then go find the parking deck that I can get into

Figure out that the doors that were supposed to be locked are not locked, and I freely move through the sidewalks and corridors.  Whoops

Leave The Lovely Steph Leann with her mom and head home, thinking about all the crap that we really haven't done.  Heck, we got our stroller last night, and until a few minutes later, it was still in the back of Steph's car.

So, I've made a run to Wal-Mart, and then spent the better part of three hours now cleaning up the house, washing baby clothes and assembling a stroller and car seat.  And I'm really, really tired.

So, I'l end this here... I did install a new app on the phone for Blogger, so I'm hoping to be able to update during the day to the website.

Do you want to know if its a boy or girl?  Well, a few special people will know first--Melanie... Wookiee... Mikey... a select few more.  Otherwise, check this site tomorrow... you'll read it here first.

And if you think I'm using the occasion of my child's birth to actually drive traffic to my website... well... you might be right.  So there.

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