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Hi... my name is d$ and I love Disney (hi d$...).  This is one page of my regular blogsite... if you clicked to the HOME page, you'll find a blog about pop culture, books, movies, life and so on.  But this is the Disney page, which if you came here first, I can assume this is why you are here... so read on!

Me and my favorite princess!
First... I'm a certified Disney Travel Planner... I work with MAGICAL VACATIONS BY ME, an agency in Atlanta (though I'm based in Birmingham), and I want to help you plan your vacation...

I can send you to:
  • Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland
  • California Adventure
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Aulani in Hawai'i
  • Adventures by Disney
And I'm working on becoming a Universal Resort Planner (re: Harry Potter) as well... you can contact me by emailing, at for more information, contact

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is your fee? (the most asked question, by the way)
If you stay on property and allow me to book your magical trip, there is NO fee to you.  You wouldn't pay anymore doing it yourself as you would working with me, and you get all the benefits of my services to you.

If we book through you, what are the advantages? 
Glad you asked!  First, you get all the experience and knowledge of a Disney Travel Planner.  This means help, suggestions, recommendations and more when it comes to booking Fastpasses, dining reservations, special events and experiences and so on... let me be the one online at midnight getting your Fastpasses 60 days out, and let me be up at 545am on the phone, calling in your requested dining.  Plus, I'll be available to you before, during and even after your trip for questions if you need help!  I'll walk you through My Disney Experience, help you understand what we are doing and get you ready for your vacation!  And when there are issues, which there unfortunately are sometimes, you don't have to worry about explaining to different Cast Members your situation every time you call--let me worry about that.
Do you offer promotions or ticket discounts?
I do all bookings thru Disney, so the promotions they offer is what I can offer you.  As a travel planner will sometimes offer gift cards or other small gifts as an incentive to book with me, but I don't have access to any non-Disney promotions other than what is offered by Walt Disney Company.  I can give you a few places to look for discounted tickets if that's all you need.

How do we book?  When we book, how do we proceed?
I call it my G.O.O.F.Y. plan...
  • G-Get booked. We work together to decide what resort is best for you, how many days, what type of tickets, any additional features (bunk beds? preferred rooms? regular room or villa?) and so on.  It costs $200 per room to book a package, or the first night's rate to book a room only. 
  • O-Online.  We'll get you set up on My Disney Experience, which is where everything will be planned from this poing.
  • O-Off the Menu.  If you are doing a dining experience, I'll send you my Disney Dining Guide, which is a big overview of Disney restaurants.  You can pick and choose which experiences you prefer and we'll get those reserved (subject to availability) for you.
  • F-Fastpasses.  Sixty days from your vacation, we'll get your Fastpasses reserved for you, based on which attractions you do (and don't) want.
  • Y-You are Ready!  Your documents, your touring guide, some extra magic will come your way.  Now, you sit back, wait for the day to come that you can leave for your trip, and just enjoy the magic! 

Do you do bookings for off property?
Yes... and no.  Because I'm employed full time in a different job, my time is limited and therefore I concentrate only on on-property bookings when it comes to the theme parks.  So while I can help you some if you are staying in a time share or other lodging not on Disney property, it won't be as much as if you were staying in a Disney resort.

What is your fee for off property help, and what do I get?
If you book your lodging off property, its obvious Disney doesn't pay anything to me, so I am forced to charge some for my time.  Right now for assistance off property, I can offer to you free a simple tipe sheet for the parks, just a two page document with a few things you need to know.  Otherwise, my planning fee is currently $75, and with that, I will help you with planning your Fastpasses, help you with dining reservations, and provide you with a basic touring guide that will give you all the ins and outs of touring the parks, strategies for Fastpasses and more, plus I'm available for contact if you have questions while you are there!  (though it seems like a lot for just consultations, this fee is actually very low.  As the year progresses and time becomes more limited, this fee will increase--many planners charge as much as $200 or more for their services)

I already booked, but I want your help.  Can you make this happen?
If you've already booked on property, we can either book a new reservation for you, and cancel your old one, or we can transfer the reservation--but only if you haven't paid off the full balance of the trip. If you have paid it all off, we are forced to book a new reservation, so we can discuss how this will work.

Favorite three Disney World attractions?
Toy Story Midway Mania, Soarin & Mickey's PhilharMagic

How many times have you been to Walt Disney World?  Disneyland?
For Disneyland, I've been once, but I'm hoping to go again this year.  I've been on one Disney cruise, and hoping to go next year.  I've been at least 15, maybe close to 20 times to Walt Disney World, perhaps more, and am confident in saying I've spent over 100 nights on property, I've visited all 28 Disney resorts, and I've spent the night in 14 of them.  Plus, I've eaten at close to half of the sit-down restaurants on property (and that's a lot of food!)

I hear you write a "touring guide"... what is that?
This is provided to you as a guest for your vacation.  It averages around 50 pages for the full guide, and it's written specifically for your family, with things you need to know, and it leaves out the things you don't.  For example, if you are going in April, you don't need a section on Christmas events, or Epcot's Food & Wine Festival in the fall... instead, you'll have crowd information and park hours for the week you are going, attraction information on the ride itself, closings, history and such, and information you need based on your family dynamic (traveling with a toddler?  honeymooning?  with teenagers?  you'll get different info).  I'd put my guide up against any you would buy off the shelf!  And booking on property, it's free to you... booking off property, it's part of the services with the planning fee.

I've got my trip planned, resort done, dinners done and Fastpasses set up.  Can I just hit you up for some advice?
You can, and I'll be happy to answer some questions for you.  Just be aware that my expertise and experience is used to help those who have taken me on as their planner... this is the hardest thing for planners and agents to do, to "cut someone off" when it comes to answering in-depth questions, especially when we are talking with friends and family--we don't want to seem like jerks, but at the same time, this is how we make our living.  If we give you everything for free, then those who have hired us on are getting no special advantage for booking with us.  So please ask us all the questions you want, and we will answer as much as we can... but please do not be offended when we finally say, "If you want the answers to all of your questions and more, then let's talk about booking your trip!"

Bottom line... when you get to Disney, time is your enemy.  If you don't maximize your time, even if you are planning on taking it easy, you'll find the day gone and not much has been accomplished.  Let me help you put a flexible plan together... I'll do as much or as little as you want, and I'll never tell you what to do... I'll make suggestions and make recommendations, but you know your family much better than I do, and its YOUR vacation! 

Any other questions?  Feel free to find me on Facebook (link below) or send an email at

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Keep checking back for more info!!

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